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Wellness starts in the home. And if you’re feeling a bit under the weather, the last place you truly want to be is wading through traffic, sitting in a waiting room, or in line at a pharmacy. “House calls” help to alleviate many of these difficulties. Once common practice for doctors, and fallen by the wayside except in the most rural of locations, a growing cohort of apps are helping to bring house calls to the mobile age.

Quick Picks

While true medical emergencies do call for heading to the local ER, many of the best health (and wallet) outcomes come from finding alternative care options that are suitable to your medical situation.

Heading to the hospital can expose a sick individual to more germs, and our overtaxed medical infrastructure can lead to less than optimal care. For many common health procedures, there’s also a massive range of prices you may get charged.

That’s where e-health platforms come into play. All of our on-demand doctor house call services listed below offer transparent pricing and the ability to solve many common medical issues while you mend from home.


Best On-Demand Doctor House Calls Service: Heal.com

While there are a range of on-demand doctor house call services, few provide as much of the “whole package” as Heal.com. What do we mean by that? Heal.com offers holistic in-person visits that don’t only address medical concerns. Heal.com visits look at what’s in your fridge, how your stress levels are, what environmental toxins may be around, and more. Services through Heal.com are also available in a wider range of population centers than any other house call service in our list. At present this list includes most major population centers in California, New York City, Atlanta, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C.

The process:
Working with Heal.com starts with scheduling a house visit with a qualified medical team. Your medical team is equipped to treat you for almost all common ailments that are treatable at urgent care facilities. A medical assistant will draw up lab work and take your history, and a licensed, experience doctor will oversee treatment. Once you’re in the system, you can request another house call whenever you like, or communicate via the app. The primary care areas of Heal.com include pediatrics, preventative care, and urgent care. Services are covered by most major insurance or $159 per visit without insurance.

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  • Starting Price: $159/visit (if not covered by insurance)

Best On-Demand Doctor Platform for Providers: Pager.com

While Pager.com isn’t a service patients directly sign up for, it’s a platform that a growing number of care providers have adopted to integrate telemedicine, online communication with in-person patients, billing, and more. Pager integrates pharmacists, customer support, nursing guides, care providers, case managers, and care coordinators into a single location on your computer or phone. With an average response time of 15 seconds for chat, and an average savings of $326 per client visit, if your primary care doctor doesn’t use Pager, they should!

The process:

For health care providers, free demos of the pager platform are available on their site. For patients, Pager begins with your primary care doctor setting up an account and populating your entries with your pharmacist, case worker, and other involved health care-related individuals. Once you’re signed up you can schedule appointments, arrange for house calls, chat with your pharmacist, and have your visits augmented with resources and discussions from your nursing staff.

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  • Starting Price: Depends on Size of Clinic

Best On-Demand Doctor House Call Service For the Bay Area: Urgent Med House Calls

UrgentMedHouseCalls provides a full-service on-demand mobile urgent care center. Available in the San Francisco Bay Area, this provides on-demand health checks or urgent care inquiries that can be resolved at your home, in a hotel, or at your workplace. Doctors come equipped with many of the most common prescriptions for routine health issues to help clients avoid the need to head to a pharmacy, and care is available until 10:00PM.

The process:
UrgentMedHouseCalls is available via phone or their site. For matters that can be fully resolved over the phone, full telemedicine is available. For all other matters, UrgentMedHouseCalls are available with a few hour turnaround to meet you at a location convenient to you. All care is potentially reimbursable by insurance, with UrgenMEdHouseCalls aiding clients with the filing of insurance information. Adult and pediatric services are available.

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  • Starting Price: Depends on Services Required

Best On-Demand Doctor House Call Service For Ontario: MedHouseCall

MedHouseCall presents a top-notch telemedicine and house call service available to residents of the Ontario province of Canada (more locations to be added soon). This unique platform offers the ability for doctors to sign up and designate when they are ready to recieve house calls. When one comes in, a doctor is ready and waiting to respond. As with other services in our list, MedHouseCall can provide in-home (or other convenient location) care equivalent to that offered in an urgent care setting. Pediatric and adult care is offered.

The process:

It’s as easy as installing the app, inputting your insurance information and scheduling an appointment. MedHouseCall are known for routinely having doctors ready and waiting for whenever patients are in need. An additional benefit is that all fees associated with the house call visit are covered by OHIP (Ontario-specific insurance). House calls are are primarily available through working hours but can be scheduled overnight as well.


Runner-Up for Best On-Demand Doctor House Calls: SOS Doctor House Call

The only reason we’ve placed SOS Doctor House Call as the “runner up” in this year’s on-demand doctor house call services ranking is due to limitations in their service area. With this said, they are available in most population centers in the state of California, making the service available to many. An additional selling point is that a wider range of health care professionals can utilize the app to make housecalls than other services. Available health care professionals who can make a house call for you using SOS Doctor House Call includes caregivers, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurses, pharmacists, pediatricians, internists, and optometrists.

The process:

Caregivers can utilize the service by creating a profile, having your background vetted by SOS Doctor House Call, and signing up for which hours you would like to be on call. For patients, it’s as simple as downloading the app and inputting the type of aid you need and when you need a house call performed. The arrangement between SOS Doctor House Call and providers is a bit different from others on our list, with the app just facilitating a meet up between providers and patients. This means that a wider range of care is available. But also that insurance and pricing may vary depending on the service or doctor requested. If you’re wondering what this service will cost for you, contact customer service within business hours. To schedule an appointment, log onto the app 24/7/365 to request a house call today.

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  • Starting Price: Depends on Insurance and Doctor