I. The Best On-Demand Doctor House Call Services 2022

Heal – Best Overall

Heal offers holistic in-person visits for primary, preventative, urgent, and pediatric care needs, with practitioners that can also address nutritional, environmental, and mental health concerns.

Employ Health – Best for Employee Healthcare

Employ Health operates mobile on-site clinics that give employees access to primary care; urgent care for acute conditions, and support for on-going health and wellness initiatives like weight loss.

SOS Doctor House Call – Best for Comprehensive Care

Patients can use the SOS Doctor House Call app to facilitate on-demand doctor appointments for a variety of needs, including primary and urgent care, physical therapy, pediatrics, optometry, and more.

Urgent Med Housecalls – Best for Bay Area Residents

Urgent Med Housecalls offers full-service, on-demand house calls for various urgent care needs, including sore throats, ear infections, nausea, and minor injuries, to patients in the San Francisco area.

MedHouseCall – Best for Canadian Residents

Residents of Canada’s Ontario province can use MedHouseCall to connect with on-demand care from licensed physicians for multiple primary and urgent care needs, as well as prescriptions and pediatrics.

II. How We Chose the Best On-Demand Doctor House Call Services

In choosing our top picks for the best on-demand doctor house call services, our criteria focused on the factors that are most important to patients. This included geographic availability, what medical conditions these services treat, and how quickly patients can get an appointment. We did not consider price, as there are several factors, like health insurance coverage, that can affect the cost of these services.

Geographic locations

Because this type of service is connected to location, on-demand house calls may not be available everywhere. We focused on finding services that had as wide a geographic reach as possible, to make sure we were recommending platforms that people could actually access.

Services available

Healthcare involves many different types of services, including urgent care, preventative care, medication management, and more. We gave preference to on-demand house call services that address a variety of medical issues, for the most robust care available.

Wait time

We prioritized services that had limited wait times for appointments, especially because one of the selling points of these services is that it is faster and more convenient than trying to schedule an in-office doctor’s appointment.

III. The Top 5 On-Demand Doctor House Call Services

Heal – Best Overall


While there are a range of on-demand doctor house call services, few come as close to providing the “whole package” as Heal. This service offers holistic in-person visits that address nutritional, environmental, and mental health concerns, in addition to medical issues. Heal’s services include primary, preventative, and urgent care, as well as pediatrics.

Working with Heal starts with scheduling a house visit (telehealth services are also available via phone and video) with a qualified medical team, based on your specific medical needs. Once you are in their system, you can request house calls whenever necessary, or communicate via the Heal app, available for iOS and Android. Users also have the option to select a “preferred doctor,” whom they will work with on an ongoing basis.

Most major insurance plans cover Heal’s services. For those who do not have insurance, Heal charges a flat rate of $159 per visit.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Prices vary based on insurance.

Without insurance: $159/visit

Yes -Mobile app
-24/7/365 access
-Virtual appointments available
-More features at Heal

Pros & Cons of Heal On-Demand Doctor House Call Services


  • Heal’s key pro is that it has one of the largest geographic service areas in the U.S. for on-demand doctor house calls. Heal’s house visit services are available in most parts of: California, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Washington, and Washington, D.C., making this service accessible to millions.
  • Another benefit of Heal is that they offer a broad spectrum of care. Patients can request a Heal visit for urgent acute care needs; preventative care; primary care, and pediatrics. Heal will also take into account other health and wellness factors, like diet, environment, and mental health, when assessing your needs and recommending treatment.
  • Heal accepts many major health insurance plans, including Medicare, Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare, and Anthem Blue Cross. Individuals who have health insurance only have to pay their regular copay for Heal services.
  • Heal offers services in Spanish as well as English, expanding their accessibility.


  • Although Heal’s services are available in several parts of the U.S., they are not yet available everywhere, which is the main drawback of this service.
  • For individuals without health insurance, a Heal home visit is $159, which may be cost-prohibitive to some patients.

What Customers Are Saying

Heal’s customers praise the service for providing convenient, competent care in any circumstance. “A house call that works with your schedule is too darn efficient,” writes one user. “You’re not a number, waiting to be seen. The doctors are seasoned, experienced, and have true respect for you.”



Employ Health

employ health screenshot

Employ Health, formerly known as Dose Healthcare, takes a unique approach to on-demand medical services. This Nashville-based company is focused on making convenient, quality care available on-site to small and mid-sized businesses.

Through Employ Health’s mobile on-site clinics, employees can get access to primary care like diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions; urgent care for acute conditions like cold, flu, and minor injuries, and support for on-going health and wellness initiatives like weight loss and biometric screenings.

Employ Health’s model is based on evidence that worksite health clinics are an effective way for employers to lower healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism, and increase employee health and productivity. Employers whose companies contract with Employ Health get access to medical services around the clock via Employ Health’s mobile app, available for iOS and Android. It also makes it much more convenient for individuals to seek care by bringing medical attention directly to them.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Prices vary; quote available upon request. Yes -Mobile app
-Appointment scheduling available
-24/7/365 access
-More features at Employ Health

Pros & Cons of Employ Health On-Demand Doctor House Call Services


  • Employ Health’s primary benefit is that it brings care directly to employees with on-site clinics that can address a variety of acute and primary care needs. This makes it easier for individuals to get the comprehensive care they need for urgent issues like ear aches, sore throats, and colds, as well as long-term preventative care and treatment for chronic conditions.
  • Employ Health saves employers and their employees time and money, as employees do not have to take time off work to schedule doctor’s appointments. By ensuring that employees get regular primary care, employers can also cut their insurance costs, as employees’ overall health will be better.
  • In addition to providing on-site, in-person doctor visits, Employ Health also lets users schedule virtual visits 24/7, so they can get urgent needs addressed regardless of the time or location.


  • The main disadvantage of Employ Health is that it is not available to individual users. Companies must contract with Employ Health to bring the service to their employees. This presents a barrier to care for individuals who don’t work at a company that offers Employ Health’s services.
  • Another potential limitation to this service is that it is designed primarily to cater to small and mid-sized businesses, so it may not be an option for large businesses that want to offer this service to their employees.

What Customers Are Saying

Employ Health users are effusive in their praise of this healthcare service. “Amazing service!” writes one customer, who used the service for an ill child. “Our provider was warm, professional, gentle, really listened and took her time, and made my daughter feel very comfortable.”



SOS Doctor House Call

sos screenshot

SOS Doctor House Call works differently than other on-demand doctor services, in that the app simply facilitates an appointment between patient and provider.

This means that a wider range of care is available, including primary and urgent care, physical therapy, chiropractors, pediatricians, optometrists, and more. However, it also means that insurance and pricing varies depending on the service or doctor requested. Users must contact customer service during business hours to get a quote for the care they may need. Additionally, SOS Doctor House Call is currently only available in California.

For those who use the service, it’s as simple as downloading the app, which is available for iOS and Android, and requesting an appointment as necessary. Healthcare providers use the service by creating a profile and adding their hours of availability. Once their credentials are vetted by the platform, their services will appear in the app’s database.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Prices vary; quote upon request. Yes -Mobile app
-Telemedicine available
-24/7/365 access
-More features at SOS Doctor House Call

Pros & Cons of SOS Doctor House Call On-Demand Doctor House Call Services


  • SOS Doctor House Call’s main benefit is that it can connect patients with multiple types of care. Their roster of available practitioners includes primary care physicians, pediatricians, physical therapists, optometrists, and more, meaning patients can access a variety of convenient services through this platform.
  • SOS Doctor House Call uses a unique Smart Match technology system to find the best practitioner for their patients, based on the patient’s geographic location and needs. This can help patients feel confident that they are getting the optimal care available.
  • Another perk of SOS Doctor House Call is that they accept health insurance for most services. When scheduling an appointment, SOS Doctor House Call will let patients know if their health insurance is accepted, and the price of any copays.


  • The most significant drawback of SOS Doctor House Call is its limited geographic availability. Currently, this service is only available to residents in California, New York City and Manhattan, New Jersey, Atlanta, GA, and San Antonio, Texas.
  • SOS Doctor House Call does not publish prices for its services. Patients can only find out about the potential cost of their visit by contacting SOS Doctor House Call directly. This non-transparent pricing model may present an obstacle to some patients who are unsure if they will be able to afford the service, especially if they do not have health insurance.

What Customers Are Saying

SOS Doctor House Call users call the app “a must-have” for offering reliable, on-demand care for a variety of health-related concerns. “It definitely comes to the rescue when you need it, and least expect it,” writes one user. Adds another customer, “It’s so easy to use. I love it!”



Urgent Med Housecalls


This San Francisco-based telemedicine company offers full-service, on-demand urgent care to patients at their home, office, hotel room — wherever they currently are in the Bay Area. For residents in other areas of California, Urgent Med Housecalls offers telehealth consultations.

Urgent Med House Call services are primarily geared towards acute urgent care needs, such as sore throats, ear infections, nausea and diarrhea, and minor injuries. Doctors come to your location equipped with many of the most common prescriptions for routine health issues to help clients avoid the need to head to a pharmacy. They can also conduct simple, in-home lab tests, and will complete medical clearance paperwork.

All visits start with a phone consultation. If a house call is deemed the best course of action, the doctor will give an estimated time of arrival, typically within one hour. There is no limit on appointment length with Urgent Med Housecalls.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Prices vary; quote upon request. No -Telemedicine appointments available
-Medical clearances
-Basic lab tests
-More features at Urgent Med Housecalls

Pros & Cons of Urgent Med Housecalls On-Demand Doctor House Call Services


  • Urgent Med Housecalls primary perk is that patients can use the service for on-demand telemedicine appointments as well as in-person doctor house calls. This can make using the service even more convenient if patients just need to ask a question or discuss a concern with a physician.
  • Urgent Med Housecalls can save patients a trip to the pharmacy as doctors carry a number of common dispensed medications, which they can prescribe to patients on-site. Physicians also carry a number of injections, including B12, corticosteroids, and antibiotics, for rapid relief of common symptoms.
  • Another unique feature of Urgent Med Housecalls is that physicians can do several types of lab work and imaging tests on-site, which saves patients the hassle of having to schedule an appointment and make a trip to an office or lab.
  • Urgent Med Housecalls also offers care for minor injuries and wounds. Their physicians can patch up lacerations with stitches or medical adhesives. They can also provide orthopedic splints and crutches for minor orthopedic issues.


  • Urgent Med Housecalls is only available in the San Francisco Bay area, which is its most significant drawback.
  • Urgent Med Housecalls is a fee-for-service provider, so they do not accept health insurance. Customers must pay via cash or credit upon the rendering of services. However, they will provide an itemized bill that patients can submit to their health insurance provider for reimbursement.
  • Additionally, pricing for Urgent Med Housecalls services are only available upon request, which may make patients who want to know the out-of-pocket costs upfront hesitant to use the service.

What Customers Are Saying

Many Urgent Med Housecalls customers praise the service as an alternative to the inconvenience and stress of an ER visit. “Our doctor was so compassionate, understanding, professional, and thoughtful about his diagnosis,” writes one customer. “Save yourself a trip to the hospital, and call Urgent Med Housecalls.”




med house call

Currently, MedHouseCall only provides telemedicine and house call services to the residents of the Ontario province of Canada. However, those in their coverage area get access to a high-quality of on-demand care for urgent medical issues, as well as pediatrics and prescription services.

This unique platform works by allowing doctors to sign up and designate when they are ready to receive house calls. Therefore, when a call comes in, a doctor is ready and waiting to respond.

Patients simply download the MedHouseCall app, available for iOS and Android, input their insurance information, and schedule an appointment as necessary. House calls are primarily available during regular business hours, but can also be scheduled overnight.

All fees associated with the house call visit are covered by OHIP (Ontario-specific insurance).There is also an in-app chat feature that lets patients communicate with their doctor before or after their visit.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
House call fee: $45.15 Yes -Mobile app
-24/7/365 access
-Sick notes
-More features at MedHouseCall

Pros & Cons of MedHouseCall On-Demand Doctor House Call Services


  • The key benefit of MedHouseCall is that its services are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Any Ontario resident with OHIP can use MedHouseCall at no additional cost.
  • Because MedHouseCall works with OHIP, physicians will also add information about their visit and the care they provided to the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), ensuring a continuity of care when patients see their in-person doctor.
  • MedHouseCall’s free and easy-to-use app makes the process of requesting and scheduling an on-demand doctor house call simple. Patients can use the app to schedule an appointment for anyone in their family, and the app will keep patients updated as to when their doctor will arrive.
  • MedHouseCall’s physicians can write prescriptions for patients when medically necessary. They can also provide sick notes for patients for excused absences for work or school.


  • As with most of the services on our list, the main drawback of MedHouseCall is its limited geographic service area. This platform is only available to residents of Ontario, Canada, although they are working on expanding to other Canadian provinces.
  • MedHouseCall’s main focus is somewhat limited, as they are only available to provide care for urgent, acute conditions like cold and flu, sore throat, minor injuries, allergic reactions, and rashes.

What Customers Are Saying

For patients living in MedHouseCall’s coverage area, the app is noteworthy for providing rapid on-demand, in-home care when a trip to the doctor or ER isn’t ideal. “MedHouseCall provides excellent service and excellent customer support,” writes one user.

IV. What You Need to Know About On-Demand Doctor House Call Services

There are many perks of utilizing an on-demand doctor house call service. It’s convenient, especially if you or a loved one is too ill to leave the house, or you don’t have the time to travel to a doctor’s office or hospital and sit in a waiting room. It also means less exposure to germs, for you and the people with whom you would come in contact. And it often means getting an appointment much faster than if you are trying to see your primary care physician.

However, at least for now, you can only accomplish so much via an at-home doctor visit. Certain procedures and examinations require special equipment, like MRI machines, that are only available at a medical facility. Additionally, some medical emergencies must be treated in hospitals under the supervision of a team of healthcare professionals.

Mitchell Fong, Director of Telehealth at Renown Health, says “Telehealth has pushed the concept of hospital at home further than it has ever been explored before. Today, the advancement of technology has opened the door for the types of services that can be delivered outside of the traditional brick-and-mortar healthcare facility. Doctors can now perform imaging, lab testing, and treat lower acuity conditions in a patient’s home that historically they would have gone to the ER for.”

Another consideration is availability. Currently, on-demand doctor house call services operate in limited geographic areas, mostly centered around metropolitan areas. Before relying on these services, it’s important to confirm that they are available in your area. If not, an alternative might be an online doctor medical service that sees patients virtually.

V. Latest News

Much of the recent news about on-demand doctors and house call services has been related to the increasing popularity and availability of these services as institutions and individuals identify the value of on-demand health.

VI. Sources