I. The 6 Best Online Doctors for Asthma Treatment and Prescriptions of 2024

Sesame – Best Overall
Sesame’s dynamic marketplace gives patients the tools to see a doctor or specialist, get a prescription or lab, and more – regardless of location, income, or insurance status.

PlushCare – Best for All-Around Service
PlushCare offers a range of asthma treatment services, including on-demand care, scheduled appointments, and 24/7/365 access.

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete – Best for Fast Prescription Medication Delivery
Lemonaid Primary Care Complete combines high-quality online medical care and the option of having medicines delivered to your door.

MDAnywhere – Best for Ease of Access
Getting asthma treatment from MDAnywhere is easy. Simply go to the website and fill in your medical history, profile, and billing information. Then wait for confirmation your treatment plan is ready.

QuickRxRefill – Best for Online Prescription Refills
QuickRxRefill makes it easy to get asthma medication quickly. Simply register online, complete a medical history form, and let QuickRxRefill know when their doctor can call for an online consultation.

Hey Doctor – Best for Low Cost
Asthma treatment is simple and cost-effective with Hey Doctor. Complete a visit request via your phone or computer, pay the flat fee, and wait for a call from the doctor.

II. How We Chose the Best Online Doctors for Asthma Treatment and Prescriptions

When choosing the best online doctors for asthma treatment, we considered factors that ensured quick, effective, and professional help. We evaluated methods of communication, range of services, and the time it takes to get a consultation and prescription.

What communication methods are offered?

We considered the different forms of communication offered by each online medical practice. We gave precedence to those offering multiple ways to communicate with your health care provider, including through an online portal, text messaging, phone, and video calls. Other factors included whether they have mobile applications and a secure messaging service.

What services are available?

While focusing on asthma, we evaluated the range of services and medical conditions treated. We considered whether online practices deal with medical conditions only, or if they offer behavioral and mental health services and other forms of therapy. We also looked at whether online prescriptions are provided and how lab work is handled.

What is the wait time?

A key benefit of seeing an online doctor is that you can get an appointment quickly and on short notice. We evaluated whether on-demand treatment was available, if you can schedule a same-day appointment, and how long it takes for your pharmacy to receive a prescription your doctor orders.

III. The Best Online Doctors for Asthma Treatment and Prescriptions of 2022

Sesame – Best Overall

Sesame Asthma Image

Sesame describes itself as a “superstore for great doctors and specialists,” providing a database of care options at discounted prices by paying care providers directly. Sesame can help you find a wide range of services in your area, from urgent care and prescriptions to dentistry and mental health. Their website also allows you to search for care in four different ways – by location, by care type, by specialty, or by symptom – so you should have no problem finding care to manage your asthma.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Free for basic membership
$7 per month for Plus membership
$25 Telehealth visit or video prescription refill
No –Discounted rates for doctors and specialists
–Telehealth options
–Free lab or blood test per year (with Plus membership)
–Discounts on prescriptions
–More features at Sesame

Pros and Cons of Sesame


  • Not dependent on insurance coverage
  • Easy to navigate database of available vision services in your area
  • Plus membership offers good value for its monthly fee


  • Sesame doesn’t accept health insurance, even if you have it
  • Not available in all regions. Check Sesame’s website to see if the service is available in your area

What Are Customers Saying?
“I don’t have insurance and couldn’t risk paying hundreds for a bill. Knowing how much to pay upfront meant I could actually afford my doctor on Sesame.”


PlushCare – Best for All-Around Service

PlushCare-Asthma Page

PlushCare offers care for a range of medical conditions, including asthma. These include acute care, long-term chronic care, everyday care, and mental health care. Initial consultations cost $99, but subsequent visits are $79. PlushCare has a monthly subscription service which, among other benefits, allows unlimited messaging so people living with asthma can speak to their caregivers whenever necessary.

You can book an appointment at a time that suits you or get an on-demand appointment. Prescriptions are sent to your nearest pharmacy, although PlushCare can deliver medication to your door using its prescription delivery program.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$79 to $99 per visit Yes –Care available 24/7/365
–Mobile app
–Scheduled appointments
–More features at  PlushCare

Pros and Cons of PlushCare 


  • On-demand and scheduled appointments, day and night, year-round
  • PlushCare accepts insurance plans and health savings accounts
  • Subscription plan provides unlimited messaging
  • Prescriptions are sent to a pharmacy of your choice


  • There’s a relatively high initial consulting fee
  • A monthly subscription membership is needed for ongoing contact with your online primary care physician

What Are Customers Saying? 

“I have used this twice, now. I was worried about having multiple doctors but the doctors are awesome, compassionate, ask the right questions, in a short period of time, and never rushed.”



Lemonaid Primary Care Complete – Best for Fast Prescription Medication Delivery

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete Asthma

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete is based in California but licensed to practice in all states. For urgent asthma medication, you simply fill out a health questionnaire. Shortly after that, you’ll be contacted by a doctor or nurse practitioner for a consultation, usually by video. Once your treatment needs are clarified, your provider will issue a prescription the same day for asthma medication from your local pharmacy. Alternatively, you can arrange delivery of your short- and long-term asthma medications from one of the platform’s partner pharmacies. Lemonaid Primary Care Complete welcomes follow-up questions and feedback on how you’re feeling.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$75 per visit No –On-demand care available
–Mobile app
–Prescriptions available
–More features at Lemonaid Primary Care Complete

Pros and Cons of Lemonaid Primary Care Complete


  • Speak to a doctor quickly with same-day, on-demand appointments
  • Use the Android or iOS mobile app to message your doctor or ask further questions
  • Prescription medications can be delivered to your door


  • Lemonaid Primary Care Complete on-demand appointments are only available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST
  • The fee for an asthma consultation is $75 per visit
  • You can’t schedule appointments for a specific time

What Are Customers Saying? 

“A huge thank you to Dr. Liu and his team for providing great care and service. The two visits I have completed have been under 10 minutes each.”



MDAnywhere – Best for Ease of Access

MDAnywhere-Asthma Page

MDAnywhere is an online doctor service available in most U.S. states. To get started, you simply open an MDAnywhere account, answer a medical questionnaire, and provide your medical history. A physician will review your case and, if warranted, prepare an asthma treatment plan. You can complete an online visit anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year, although physicians are only available to review treatment requests between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. EST. MDAnywhere welcomes questions regarding your treatment at any time.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$19to $49 per visit No –On-demand care
–Prescriptions available
–Mobile app
–More features at  MDAnywhere

Pros and Cons of MDAnywhere 


  • There’s a secure patient portal for messages and treatment plans
  • Treatment fees are reasonable
  • Asthma prescriptions are sent immediately to the pharmacy of your choice


  • Appointments can’t be scheduled, but are available on-demand
  • Although you can access MDAnywhere 24/7, medical reviews are only performed between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. EST

What Are Customers Saying? 

“MDAnywhere has never disappointed us. They are always fast and I love that they ask detailed questions concerning your health and other things that could be affected-Thanks again MDAnywhere!!”



QuickRxRefill – Best for Online Prescription Refills

QuickRxRefill-Asthma Page

QuickRxRefill offers a secure online resource for medical prescriptions when you can’t get to a traditional doctor or you run short of asthma medication. To get help, fill out the short questionnaire and pay the initial consulting fee. A licensed doctor will call you within 30-120 minutes. If the doctor decides you need a prescription, they’ll send one to your local pharmacy. If the doctor can’t treat your condition for any reason, your fee will be refunded.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$99 initial consultation
$79 follow-up consultation
No –Scheduled appointments
–On-demand care
–Prescriptions available
–More features at  QuickRxRefill

Pros and Cons of QuickRxRefill 


  • You can either schedule an appointment or get help on-demand
  • Prescriptions available for asthma treatment
  • No hidden fees


  • No mobile app, although the platform can be accessed with a mobile device
  • QuickRxRefill doesn’t accept insurance or health savings accounts

What Are Customers Saying? 

“The Doctor at QuickRxRefill was so nice and really listened to me. We are lucky to have an amazing service like this for times when it is nearly impossible to get to a traditional doctor in a timely manner.”



Hey Doctor – Best for Low Cost

HeyDoctor-Asthma Homepage

Hey Doctor is an affordable choice for asthma treatment and medication. The moderate fixed fee depends on the service you require. To receive treatment, you complete the online questionnaire; then, a doctor calls to diagnose your asthma and medication needs. If you need a prescription for asthma medication, it’s sent to your preferred pharmacy within four hours. You can securely message Hey Doctor to ask questions at any time after your initial consultation, and the service operates in all states.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$39 per visit No –On-demand care
Android and iOS apps
–Prescriptions available
–More features at  Hey Doctor

Pros and Cons of Hey Doctor 


  • Established patients can message doctors at any time
  • Low fixed charge for asthma consultations
  • Scheduled and on-demand appointments


  • Hey Doctor doesn’t currently accept health insurance
  • Doctors aren’t available after 7 p.m. on weekdays and 5 p.m. on weekends, PST

What Are Customers Saying? 

“I was skeptical at first, but the doctor was able to call in antibiotics in under an hour. The medicine is working. I’ve recommended this app to all of my family and friends.”

IV. What Do You Need to Know About Online Doctors for Asthma Treatment and Prescriptions?

Why should I choose an online doctor for asthma treatment?

Although you first need to see your own doctor for a physical examination and evaluation, it’s often more convenient to speak to an online asthma doctor when you run out of medication or need a prescription urgently.

What types of services and areas of expertise do online asthma doctors offer?

Online asthma doctors offer video and teleconsultations. Apart from general telemedicine services, they frequently provide telehealth services like counseling, psychiatry, and mental health services.

How much do online asthma doctors cost?

Fees vary, although they’re usually lower than what you pay to see your local doctor. Some platforms offer a monthly subscription that covers ongoing access to your online doctor, while others charge a one-time fee.

Do online asthma doctors accept insurance?

Some online platforms accept medical insurance and health savings accounts, while others don’t. If you have insurance, you should check to see if your insurer will cover your visit and medication.

Can online asthma doctors prescribe medication?

Yes, in most instances, your online doctor can prescribe asthma medication. Regulations vary from state to state, and in some locations, doctors can only prescribe medication after conducting a video consultation.

What if I need a lab test?

Depending on the test, it may be possible for you to complete a lab test at home, although you may need to have samples taken by a registered nurse or at a laboratory.

V. Latest Online Doctors for Asthma Treatment and Prescriptions News

Asthma is routinely treated via telemedicine. However, the condition is first diagnosed in a one-on-one consultation with a physician and supported by lung function and imaging evaluation tests. But once diagnosed, routine asthma care can easily be managed by an online doctor, especially given the need to limit personal contact during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in-person care is necessary if you have difficulty breathing that isn’t resolved by your at-home asthma treatment plan.

  • The Allergy and Asthma Network recently launched a telehealth program to help patients and their families develop better asthma management skills and keep asthma under control.
  • The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America published an article stating that people with asthma aren’t at a greater risk of more serious illness should they be infected with the COVID-19 virus. The article includes useful information on distinguishing between asthma, influenza, seasonal allergies, and COVID-19 symptoms.
  • The AMA announced significant telehealth guideline changes to facilitate medical treatment of vulnerable populations during the pandemic. These include expanded Medicare coverage for telehealth. Others include relaxation of state licensing rules to allow out-of-state physicians to practice telehealth.

VI. Sources