Sesame – Best Overall

Sesame’s dynamic marketplace gives patients the tools to see a dentist, get an online dental consultation, and more – regardless of location, income, or insurance status.

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete — Best Full-Service Platform

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete is a full-service telehealth platform that not only delivers medications, but provides virtual consultations with licensed physicians, so patients can easily get new prescriptions and refills.

Humana Pharmacy — Best Delivery Service

With free standard shipping, discreet packaging, and multiple order methods, Humana Pharmacy is one of the nation’s leading prescription delivery services, trusted by millions to get their medications on time.

iHerb — Best Online Supplement Store

iHerb stocks 30,000 products from the world’s most reputable supplement brands, making it a go-to choice for customers looking for a trustworthy online source of natural remedies.

Nurx — Best for Women

Nurx focuses on getting women access to care for all their reproductive and sexual health needs, including prescriptions and delivery of birth control, emergency contraception, at-home STI tests, and more.

Hims — Best for Men

Hims is a full-service platform that specializes in men’s healthcare needs, including prescribing and delivering medications and supplements for conditions like erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and skincare.

There are many different types of services through which consumers can get prescriptions and supplements. In order to meet the widest range of needs, we looked at all kinds of services, and selected the best ones based on three broad levels of criteria.


Within the last decade, the Food and Drug Administration has identified dozens of rogue online prescription services that sell unapproved or fake prescription drugs, and don’t follow best practices for the safe distribution of prescription medications. Our top priority was identifying legal, safe, and trustworthy online supplement and prescription services, to guarantee that customers get authentic medications from a legitimate pharmacist.

Services available

We looked for companies that offer robust services to make the process as efficient and helpful as possible. Whether it’s a telehealth company that offers consultations or an online pharmacy that provides tools for making medication management easier, the services on our list can address a variety of customer needs.


Convenience is one of the main reasons people use online supplement and prescription services, so we prioritized companies that streamline and simplify getting your medications. This includes same-day consultations for new prescriptions, delivery and automatic refill services, and mobile apps so you can manage your medications on the go.

Sesame – Best Overall

Sesame Asthma Image

Sesame describes itself as a “superstore for great doctors and specialists,” providing a database of care options at discounted prices by paying care providers directly. Sesame can help you find a wide range of services in your area, from dental health and prescriptions to mental health and urgent care. Their website also allows you to search for care in four different ways – by location, by care type, by specialty, or by symptom – so you should have no problem finding dental health resources that suit your needs.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
$34 to $77 for a 15- to 20-minute consultation No -Flexible rates that vary by provider
-Video or phone consultations
-Same-day and next-day appointments
–More features at Sesame

Pros and Cons of Sesame


  • Not dependent on insurance coverage
  • Easy to navigate database of available services in your area
  • Plus membership offers good value for its monthly fee


  • Doesn’t accept health insurance, even if you have it
  • Not available in all regions. Check Sesame’s website to see if the service is available in your area

What Are Customers Saying?

“I don’t have insurance and couldn’t risk paying hundreds for a bill. Knowing how much to pay upfront meant I could actually afford my doctor on Sesame.”


Ease of use: 95/100
Convenience factor: 100/100
Technology: 100/100
Personalization: 95/100
Overall score: 97.5/100



Lemonaid Primary Care Complete – Best Full-Service Platform

Lemonaid Homepage

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete seeks to bring affordable, accessible healthcare, regardless of insurance, to all Americans. They combine a team of licensed doctors and healthcare professionals with current technology to provide a variety of services, including primary care, prescription services, mental health treatment, and more.

For individuals who need a new prescription for routine medications like birth control, erectile dysfunction, or acne treatments, Lemonaid Primary Care Complete is fast and efficient. Customers answer some basic health questions, have a brief consultation with a doctor, and if their prescription request is approved, Lemonaid Primary Care Complete will ship the first order for free within 2-3 business days. Additional medication will be sent on a regular basis, also with free shipping, in discreet, secure packaging.

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete also makes getting refills easier. Instead of making a time-consuming in-person appointment with a doctor, simply have a free, virtual consultation to re-up your medication when your prescription expires.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Consultation: $25 Prescription prices vary Yes, for prescriptions – New prescriptions and refills
– Mobile app
– Free shipping
– More features at Lemonaid Primary Care Complete

Pros & Cons of Lemonaid Primary Care Complete:


  • The biggest perk of Lemonaid Primary Care Complete is that it is a convenient, one-stop shop where patients can get a prescription written and filled. Through this platform, users have a virtual consultation to determine if a prescription is needed, and if so, which medication the physician recommends. The physician will order the prescription, and Lemonaid Primary Care Complete will ship it directly to the customer’s home. Customers also have the option of picking up prescriptions at their local pharmacy.
  • Another benefit is that Lemonaid Primary Care Complete is affordable. Initial virtual consultations to get a prescription cost just $25. When it’s time for a refill, follow-up virtual consultations are free.
  • As long as customers have a valid prescription, Lemonaid Primary Care Complete will continue to automatically deliver their medication as needed.
  • Lemonaid Primary Care Complete provides treatment options for a variety of common chronic and acute health conditions, including anxiety and depression, migraines, high blood pressure, reproductive health, and more.


  • Lemonaid Primary Care Complete does not accept health insurance for its consultation fees.
  • Additionally, Lemonaid Primary Care Complete’s mail-order pharmacy does not accept insurance. Customers with health insurance who want to use their prescription drug plan to pay for their medications through LemonAid Health can only do so by picking up their prescriptions from an in-person pharmacy.
  • There are limitations to the conditions that can be treated and medications that can be prescribed through Lemonaid Primary Care Complete, so the service may not fit the needs of all customers.

What Customers Are Saying

Users like Lemonaid Primary Care Complete for saving them time and money. Writes one customer, “This is a great service. Very fast. I had a doctor video visit and meds within one hour. It saved me $150 and an office visit, and got me a much better price on my prescription.”


Ease of use: 90/100
Convenience factor: 100/100
Technology: 90/100
Personalization: 100/100
Overall score: 95/100



Humana Pharmacy – Best Delivery Service

humana-pharmacy site

Humana Pharmacy’s mission is simple — provide a convenient, reliable way for customers to order prescriptions and have them shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Once you create a free account with Humana Pharmacy, you can enter a new prescription, or transfer existing prescriptions from another pharmacy. Humana’s pharmacists double-check every order, and are available for consultations if you have questions about your medication. Users also have the option to order refills through Humana Pharmacy, when available.

Standard shipping is free for all orders, and medications are packaged in unmarked, tamper-resistant packaging. If medication needs to be refrigerated, it will be sent in a cold pack.

Humana Pharmacy offers several ways for customers to create an account, manage their prescriptions, and get assistance, including their website, a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, telephone, or mail. They also have brick-and-mortar pharmacy locations throughout the South, Midwest, and West.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Free to create an account; prescription prices vary Yes – Mobile app
– Accepts all major credit cards
– Free shipping
– More features at Humana Pharmacy

Pros & Cons of Humana Pharmacy


  • As Humana Pharmacy is a major, nationwide pharmacy service, they have a wide selection of most common prescription medications. They also can fill orders for speciality medications for those with more complex conditions.
  • Free standard shipping is included with all orders from Humana Pharmacy. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. All orders are shipped in discreet, tamper-resistant packaging, to ensure they reach customers safely.
  • To make medication management easier, Humana Pharmacy will send medications in bulk (typically a 90-day supply), when applicable.
  • Customers with prescription drug coverage in their insurance plans can use those benefits with Humana Pharmacy, when applicable. Humana Pharmacy also accepts payments from Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).
  • Humana offers multiple ways for customers to order new prescriptions or refills, including by phone, mail, mobile app, or website.


  • One key drawback of Humana Pharmacy is that they do not offer services to write new prescriptions, or authorize refills, meaning customers must still see a doctor, in-person or virtually, before getting a prescription filled through Humana.
  • Prescription orders may be delayed if Humana Pharmacy needs to contact the patient, their doctor, or their insurance provider with questions, or to resolve issues with an order.

What Customers Are Saying

According to customers, Humana Pharmacy offers quality service and reliable delivery. “This is a great online pharmacy,” writes one user. “Very easy to order prescriptions at great prices. Their website is easy to follow, and prescriptions arrive in good time as well.”


Ease of use: 75/100
Convenience factor: 60/100
Technology: 90/100
Personalization: 55/100
Overall score: 70/100


iHerb – Best Online Supplement Store

iherb site

iHerb stands out among online supplement services because they have been around for 25 years, offer over 30,000 products from the most reputable national brands, and all of their products are housed in climate-controlled warehouses prior to shipping.

Unlike other providers on this list, no prescription is needed for products from iHerb. These products are ideal for those who prefer all-natural remedies and supplements to help them boost their immune systems, sleep better, increase their energy, relax, and more.

All supplements for sale via iHerb are categorized by the human systems with which they are meant to interact. Even obscure herbal categories have plenty of options for site visitors, so users may be able to discover new supplements and remedies to help them with various ailments and conditions. Customers can order through their website, or by downloading their mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Free to use; individual product prices vary No – Mobile app
– 24/7 customer service
– Multiple ways to shop
– More features at iHerb

Pros & Cons of iHerb


  • The primary benefit of iHerb is that they have a massive selection of over 30,000 natural remedies, meaning that customers will be able to find just about any herb or supplement they are seeking. To help customers navigate their inventory, iHerb lets customers search by product, brand, or the condition they want to treat.
  • iHerb helps customers save money in a variety of ways. Free shipping is included with all orders over $20. They also regularly offer deals and discounts on particular brands and products. Frequent customers can also join iHerb’s Rewards Program, to get credits towards future orders and discounts for friends.
  • iHerb ships globally to over 150 countries on six continents, giving users around the world access to their products.
  • Customer support is available 24/7 through live chat and email, so customers can always get assistance with their questions about products, orders, and more.


  • The main con of purchasing products through iHerb is that supplements and herbal remedies are generally not covered by health insurance. Even if customers want to use these remedies in place of prescription medications, they cannot use prescription drug plan benefits to cover the cost.
  • Although iHerb’s huge selection of herbs and supplements may appeal to some customers, to others it may be overwhelming, especially if they are not familiar with different types and brands of supplements.

What Customers Are Saying

For many customers, iHerb is a favorite source of all-natural remedies. “I have nothing but tremendous praise for this seller, their customer care, delivery fulfillment, and their attention to packaging my order securely,” writes one user. “You really can’t go wrong with iHerb.”


Ease of use: 85/100
Convenience factor: 90/100
Technology: 90/100
Personalization: 75/100
Overall score: 85/100


Nurx – Best for Women’s Health

nurx site

Nurx is designed to be a one-stop online shop for female health needs, with a focus on sexual health and care that can be hard to access. Whether you are exploring birth control options, need emergency contraception or herpes treatment, or want to get tested for STIs, Nurx has you covered.

Share your health history through the secure website or app, let Nurx’s doctors take a look, then request prescriptions or tests for your specific health needs. Nurx offers more than 100 birth control brands and formulas, many of which have a $0 copay with insurance and cost as little as $15/month out-of-pocket.

An initial medical consultation is just $15, and gives you unlimited access to Nurx’s medical providers for a year, so you have somewhere to turn with any follow-up questions or concerns. Once your prescription is approved, Nurx will send you a 3-month supply of birth control or other medication with automatic refills for one year.

In addition to sexual and reproductive health needs, Nurx recently began treating migraines. Their specially trained medical team will work with you to find the migraine treatment plan that works for you.

We should note that while Nurx is our favorite female-centered online medicine site, that product lines including STI testing, HIV PrEP, herpes treatment and migraine care are gender non-specific.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Consultation: $15 Prescription prices vary Yes – New prescriptions and refills
– Mobile app
– Additional services available
– More features at Nurx

Pros & Cons of Nurx


  • Nurx’s primary perk is its affordability. A virtual consultation costs just $15, and customers can use health insurance benefits, including Medicaid, to cover the cost of their prescriptions, where applicable.
  • Nurx is also a convenient, one-stop shop where patients can get a prescription written and filled. Through this platform, users can have a virtual consultation to get a new prescription, which Nurx will have delivered right to their doorstep. Users will also get access to one year of follow-up care with physicians to ensure that their medications are working properly.
  • Nurx’s services are tailored towards women, meaning they have a large selection of products for women’s reproductive and physical health needs. This includes multiple types and brands of birth control, emergency contraception like Ella and Plan B, at-home test kits for STDs and HPV, and triptans for migraine treatment.
  • In most cases, for routine medications like birth control, Nurx will deliver refills on a regular basis as long as the customer has a valid prescription.


  • While customers may be able to use health insurance benefits to pay for their prescriptions, in some cases they can only do this if they pick up their prescriptions from an in-person pharmacy, not if they have their prescriptions delivered directly from Nurx.
  • As a female-centric telehealth platform, Nurx does not have many services available for men. However, they do offer at-home STI testing kits for all genders.

What Customers Are Saying

Nurx has a loyal customer base for making female sexual health care more accessible and efficient. “This app made my life so much better,” writes one user. “I live in a rural area, so it’s a pain to get prescriptions at the pharmacy. With Nurx, it comes right to my house.”


Ease of use: 85/100
Convenience factor: 90/100
Technology: 90/100
Personalization: 75/100
Overall score: 85/100


Hims – Best for Men’s Health

forhims site

As the name implies, Hims’ target audience is men. This platform connects men with healthcare providers virtually, from the privacy of their home, to discuss a range of issues, including primary care, reproductive and sexual health, mental health, hair loss, and more.

Following a consultation, if a healthcare provider feels prescription medication is necessary, they can write a prescription that users can have filled and delivered directly through Hims. Prescriptions and supplements will arrive in discreet packaging with free shipping once a month.

Hims charges a one-time fee starting at $39 for a health evaluation, which includes a video call with a provider. Prescription costs vary depending on the medication. Hims does not accept insurance for consultation costs, but you may be able to use insurance to pay for prescriptions.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Consultation: $39 Prescription prices vary Yes, for some prescriptions – New prescriptions and refills
– Primary care and men’s healthcare
– Mobile app
– More features at Hims

Pros & Cons of Hims


  • Hims is a robust telehealth platform where men can have a consultation with a physician and get a prescription written and filled. Hims’ physicians can treat and prescribe medication for a variety of men’s healthcare needs, including erectile dysfunction, hair loss, anxiety, depression, and more.
  • Hims gives customers the option to choose free, monthly delivery of their prescription medications, or have their prescriptions filled at a local pharmacy. Customers who choose delivery from Hims will have their medications sent automatically as needed in discreet, tamper-proof packaging.
  • In addition to prescription medications, Hims also offers a variety of supplements for immunity, sleep, skincare, and more. Prescriptions are not required to order these products.


  • The fee for a Hims consultation is $39, which is more expensive than similar services on our list. Additionally, Hims does not accept health insurance to cover the cost of consultations.
  • Currently, the products and services available through Hims are somewhat limited. Prescriptions for sexual health and mental health comprise most of medications that are available through this platform. However, Hims has been expanding; they recently added some primary care options to their menu of services.

What Customers Are Saying

Many men report being satisfied with the services they received through Hims. “Hims has been fantastic to deal with,” says one user. “Great software, great medical personnel and great customer service. Product is very affordable. Hims makes everything very private and easy to use.”


Ease of use: 70/100
Convenience factor: 80/100
Technology: 90/100
Personalization: 60/100
Overall score: 75/100

The internet has given rise to many services that fall under the umbrella of telehealth and telemedicine, including online prescription services. This is a boon to consumers, but they must be careful to avoid scams that can be costly, inconvenient, or even life-threatening.

“Finding a quality, reliable company is the most important aspect when selecting an online prescription service. However, every patient has varying needs, so selecting the right service can be challenging,” says Mitchell Fong, Director of Telehealth of Renown Health.

While it is legal to order prescriptions online, there are regulations in place to assure that online pharmacies operate safely and legally. These regulations include:

  • Requiring a valid prescription from a doctor or licensed healthcare professional
  • Being licensed by the state’s board of pharmacy
  • Having a U.S. state-licensed pharmacist available
  • Being located in the U.S., with a valid street address

If an online pharmacy does not follow these regulations, it is likely fraudulent, and you should not use it.

Another telltale sign of fraudulent activity is drug prices that are far below the regular market price. If a price is too good to be true, it often means the medication is inauthentic. This can lead to dangerous consequences, including not having the proper medications when you need them, or taking something that interacts negatively with your other medications.

V. Latest News

The use of online supplement and prescription services has grown exponentially in recent years, and is on track to continue expanding, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled people to conduct more of their shopping online.

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