I. Our Bottom Line

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete eliminates many of the barriers patients face when it comes to accessing primary care. Patients are empowered to choose their own doctor, communicate freely with their physician via text messaging, and even schedule same-day appointments through the Lemonaid Primary Care Complete platform. Since patients can remain with the same doctor while on the service, they can cultivate a patient/doctor connection similar to having an in-person primary care doctor.

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete’s fees will be an extra expense to patients, regardless of their insurance situation. However, individuals with chronic conditions or who wish to frequently consult with a physician may feel the benefits outweigh the costs. While the company’s telehealth services can’t fully replace in-person medical care, it could be ideal for anyone who has struggled to find a long-term family doctor or who wants access to a doctor with specific qualifications.

II. Why We Trust Lemonaid Primary Care Complete


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Before choosing to work with a telehealth company, spend some time thinking about you and your family’s health needs. Once you have an idea of your requirements, study the available companies, making a list of the pros and cons of each. Finally, factor in your budget allowance for health care. By carefully examining the available options, you can ensure you have the right service for your situation.

What we like about Lemonaid Primary Care Complete

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete is designed to make primary health care convenient, personalized, and accessible from virtually anywhere.

Patients can choose their primary care provider, and doctors are recommended based on patient needs, interests, and preferences. Once enrolled, patients can communicate with their doctor at any time via text messaging, and same-day phone and video chat appointments are available.

And because Lemonaid Primary Care Complete services are focused on preventative care and long-term management of chronic conditions, all services are provided by the primary care physician. Unlike traditional in-person primary care clinics, with Lemonaid Primary Care Complete, there’s no nurse practitioners, physician assistants or residents, so patients get consistent care from the same provider as long as they’re enrolled in a Lemonaid Primary Care Complete plan.

Things customers should consider about Lemonaid Primary Care Complete

Individual plans start at $99 per month and go up to $199 per month, while family plans start at a monthly rate of $178.

Fees aren’t covered by insurance, and patients are responsible for the costs of all tests, prescriptions, and specialist services.

While services are available in all 50 states, doctors are prohibited by law from prescribing controlled substances, such as narcotics.

III. What Customers Are Saying About Lemonaid Primary Care Complete

What customers like

“I love having access to my primary care physician at any time. The app is intuitive and easy to use. I could never go back to a traditional doctor’s office setting for primary care.”

“Very possibly the Rolls-Royce of current online physician services providing personalized long-term primary care with a board-certified physician.”

“When smartly used, this robust doctor-patient relationship can definitely help you detect diseases more easily, and therefore prevent complications or unnecessary ER visits.”

What customers don’t like

“… You pay a monthly fee even if you don’t use it, so if you’re like me and just need a doctor a few times a year you’re just throwing money away.”

“They wouldn’t cancel my membership and they continue to charge me even after I told them I didn’t need their … service anymore.”

“… It would be nice if the app showed upcoming appointments. There’s nowhere to see that information.”

IV. How Lemonaid Primary Care Complete Works

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete patients download the Lemonaid Primary Care Complete app onto any compatible device that’s equipped with a video camera, speaker, and microphone. Patients then navigate through a short quiz that asks about values, areas of concerns, and the type of doctor they’d like to work with. For example, an athlete might want to work with a doctor who has experience in sports medicine, while someone who wants to achieve a healthy body weight may prefer a doctor who’s knowledgeable in bariatric medicine.

Based on the results of the quiz, patients are provided with a list of doctors to choose from. Patients then select their plan and pay for one month of service. Once enrolled, patients use the app to schedule an intake appointment with their provider. For Individual and Family plans, this appointment lasts about 60 minutes, while Functional Health plans include a 90-minute intake appointment.

Patients keep the same doctor as long as they’re enrolled in Lemonaid Primary Care Complete, and that doctor handles all appointments.

During the intake appointment, which is generally done via video chat, the doctor reviews the patient’s goals, discusses their health history, and orders any testing needed. The doctor can also prescribe most non-narcotic medications, make referrals to local specialists, and provide advice. The doctor will also request any medical records from other medical professionals, clinics, and hospitals on behalf of their patient.

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete members use the online dashboard to schedule follow-up appointments, which can be done either over the phone or via video chat. Doctors are available at any time via text messaging, and in most cases, they’ll reply within a few hours.

Since Lemonaid Primary Care Complete doctors have a maximum caseload of 500 patients, which is a fraction of the caseload carried by most family physicians, Lemonaid Primary Care Complete members can schedule same-day appointments with their provider.

How does Lemonaid Primary Care Complete select its doctors? 

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete recruits board-certified physicians who are interested in building long-term professional relationships with their patients. These doctors have a track record of delivering high-quality care using a personalized approach geared toward the needs and preferences of each patient.

Many Lemonaid Primary Care Complete doctors are well-versed in weight loss programs and specialized diets, such as Whole30 and Paleo, as well as providing primary care for performance athletes, new moms, children, and adolescents.

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete pricing and plans

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete offers three membership-based pricing plans: The Individual Plan, the Functional Medicine Plan, and the Family Plan. Following the initial 30-day trial period, Lemonaid Primary Care Complete members are locked into a one-year contract.

The Individual Plan costs $99 per month and includes a comprehensive 60-minute intake appointment, same-day phone and video chat appointments, and unlimited text messaging between the patient and their Lemonaid Primary Care Complete physician.

The Family Plan costs $178 per month and covers two adults in the same household. Infants under the age of 2 cost $29 per month, while children up to the age of 14 can be added to a Family Plan for $49 per child, per month. Once children turn 14, they need to sign up for their own Individual Plan at a cost of $69 per month, while adolescents aged 17 and older must have their own full-priced account.

At $199 per month, the Functional Medicine Plan is Lemonaid Primary Care Complete’s most expensive option. This plan includes everything offered through the Individual Plan, plus an extended 90-minute intake appointment, extensive medical history, and detailed analysis of diet and exercise data imported from the patient’s preferred health tracking apps.