I. Why We Trust Teladoc

As with any online health provider, Teladoc comes with some pros and cons. The app and website are fairly easy to use, and the service is trusted and even recommended by some insurance companies to their policyholders. You’re treated by board-certified doctors, licensed nurses and other practitioners.

On the downside, some people do report administrative and technical problems when using this system, and online doctors can’t treat everything. Patients have to consider their own wellness and what type of treatment might be best for them at any given time when selecting a health care provider — on or offline.

What we like about Teladoc


  • The providers you connect with are board-certified, licensed and experienced in their specialties, if applicable.
  • Doctors are located and licensed to provide prescriptions in all 50 states, so everyone in the country can use this service.
  • Teladoc offers services for general medical needs, but it can also act as a primary care provider to follow overall wellness journeys with patients.
  • You don’t have to wait for an appointment to be seen, which can be convenient for people who experience immediate mild-to-moderate medical concerns or issues at night or on the weekend.
  • Teladoc works with a number of insurance plans to reduce the out-of-pocket costs of care to patients.

Things customers should consider about Teladoc

  • Information doesn’t always sync or transfer from apps, so if you change phone carriers or types, you may need to re-enter everything.
  • Password reset processes can be frustrating or complex.
  • As the patient, you must consider whether telehealth will be enough or the right choice for you in certain situations and can’t always rely on the Teladoc doctors to make that decision for you.
  • Texts and email notifications may not arrive in a timely manner.

II. What Customers Are Saying About Teladoc

What customers like

“My work insurance offers Teladoc and it is so incredibly convenient for the basics! The app is really easy to set up and walks you through everything. Scheduling appointments is easy and it’s fast! I was able to receive a call in about 15 minutes on more than one occasion.”

“This was the easiest tool I’ve ever used for access to reliable healthcare. From downloading the app to my first doctor visit was everything was simple and FAST. And of course, accurate.”

“It was fast, and the first visit I had was with a woman that listened, addressed my concerns, and made quick work of my appointment.”

What customers don’t like

“My biggest irritation is when receiving calls from the doctor, it will come from an unlisted number. If your iPhone security is set to ignore calls from unlisted numbers it can seriously delay your call until you fix your settings.”

“Your information doesn’t follow your login. I had an issue where I needed to have someone look at something but my phone was being repaired, when I signed in on another phone, after all the verification I had to fill it all of my medical history again. Such a waste of time.”

“It’s simple enough to make your appointment, but the app could use some work. It would be nice to see approximate wait times and to get easier notifications.”

III. How Teladoc Works

You can download the Teladoc app on iOS or Android devices or sign up via the Teladoc website on a computer. Once you create an account with a username and login, you answer some questions about your medical history. This information is saved in the app, so it’s available to you and your providers for future calls.

You can then request a visit in your app or account. Teladoc prompts you to choose which type of visit you prefer — video call, phone, or chat — and a preferred time. You also add a reason for your visit and can upload any pictures you might want to show your doctor of symptoms or issues.

Teladoc also asks you to choose a local pharmacy. This lets the physician send a prescription later if necessary.

Teladoc matches you with a doctor and sends you a notification when your visit is about to begin.

This service does accept some insurance plans. You enter your insurance information when you set up your information in the app. If you need assistance or have questions about pricing or other matters, you can contact Teladoc at 1-800-Teladoc.

How does Teladoc select its doctors?

Teladoc only uses board-certified physicians. It also selects doctors who are licensed in the states where they will be providing services. This ensures that the physician you talk to is able to write a prescription if necessary. Teladoc strives to connect patients with medical providers who are local to the patient’s area, increasing the chance that the doctor will understand climate and other issues unique to the patient’s locale which might impact overall wellness.

Teladoc pricing and plans

Teladoc doesn’t offer a subscription or plan. Like traditional medical providers, it charges per visit and doesn’t publish a fee schedule on its site. It does say that you’ll receive a welcome email or letter when you sign up for an account with more information about costs.

Teladoc accepts insurance and notes that visits may cost nothing out of pocket or come with only a small copay for patients with comprehensive coverage.

Bottom Line

Teladoc is a comprehensive online medical provider that offers a wide range of visit types, including primary care and consultations from specialists. The doctors are licensed in the state they “see” patients in, so you can get a prescription called into your pharmacy of choice if necessary. Overall, the app is user-friendly, and Teladoc accepts most major insurance companies and is even a preferred telehealth provider for some.

Some patients do experience occasional technical difficulties with the app, but overall, Teladoc can provide peace of mind and convenience for families dealing with mild to moderate health issues.