The Rapid Emergence of Online Supplement and Prescription Services

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If you’re a savvy consumer of health products, you’ve likely long known about Mexican or Canadian mail-order pharmacies, as well as about some of the top mail-order supplement providers. While these business models were great for much of the 20th century, the last decade has seen an explosion of online prescription and health supplement services.

Unlike non-digital predecessors to these services, online prescription and supplement services provide real-time interactions with site visitors, allowing health consumers to gain access to a clinic or store-like experience from the comfort of their own home or office. It’s no wonder why these services have taken off. And in this guide we’re going to cover some of the reasons for which online supplement and prescription services are so beloved (and what to look for in choosing one).

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Some of the most beloved platforms for online prescriptions also allow visitors to quickly meet with a prescribing physician online to renew a prescription or obtain one that is new. While many non-routine health conditions still need in-person doctor’s appointments, a wide range of common ailments and prescriptions that aren’t on any controlled substance list are available through a prescribing online doctor.

Simultaneously, a selection of top-notch online supplement sales websites have grown to offer 24/7 support, expert-level advice, and dedicated climate-controlled storage and shipping of a wide range of supplements. While years past may have called for visiting a range of specialty shops to acquire hard-to-find supplements, today almost every type of supplement, vitamin, neutropic, or herbal remedy can be found entirely online.

With this said, not every online supplement or prescription service is created equally. If you’re shopping around for the best online supplement or prescription services, be sure to look for the following features.

Online Prescription Services should provide access to an overseeing physician and pharmacist. While there are online pharmacy services that simply fill an existing prescription, the gold standard of today include services where you can check in with a prescribing doctor before filling your prescription. If you feel you need your dosage changed, or need to switch medications altogether, this sort of service can present an unnecessary trip to the doctor. Additionally, all reputable online pharmacies should provide access to an online pharmacist (or pharmacy tech) who can answer any questions you have about your medication.

Additionally before switching entirely to an online prescription service, you should assess what pharmaceuticals you will realistically be on in the near future. Many online prescription services are great for discreet, hassle free, and affordable medications within certain bounds. That we are aware of, no online prescription services provide prescriptions for medications that are on controlled substances lists.

Common Medication Types

The most common medication types that are available through online prescription services include:

  • Common Diagnostic Tests (cholesterol, STDs, etc)
  • Birth Control
  • Medications for Male Pattern Baldness
  • Medications for Erectile Dysfunction
  • Allergy Medications
  • Medications for Common Infections and Cols
  • Immunizations

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Online supplement services should be able to provide a support team who can answer your questions about supplement products. While they may not be the foremost experts on any one supplement, all reputable supplement sites can answer basic questions about supplement dosages, schedules, and interactions that are specified by the producer of the supplement.

Additionally many online supplement services may be built around a certain health or diet philosophy. If you are participating in a specialty diet, exercise routine, or have strong beliefs surrounding a way in which you would like to heal yourself, you should find an online supplement store that aligns with these beliefs. For many of the most popular diet or exercise routines, the creators of those health philosophies run supplement stores of their own. Additionally, many larger supplement stores online tend to over supplement blends that support a wide range of health philosophies.

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