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Telemedicine has made it to mainstream for humans, but what about our furry (or feathered, or scaled) friends? While there will always be inherent difficulties in veterinary assessment (your pet can’t talk to your vet), a range of live chat, “ask a question,” and on-demand vet services are available online. Additionally, pet prescriptions have never been easier to get online.

Here at OnlineMedicalCare.com, we understand that there’s not always time to put our health first (even if you should!). This goes for non-human members of your family as well. If you’re looking for a way to quickly get an assessment of your pet’s health, their nutrition, or get a prescription ordered, online pet care may be a viable option for you.

Quick Picks

Today there are a range of online pet medical care options for English speakers. On-demand house call vets are available through online portals in many of the largest cities. And northern Europe is also well represented with online pet medicine services. If you’re looking for the best online pet care medical and health services, check out our ranking below!

Best For Most-Expansive Online Options: VetLive.com

Vetlive.com provides reasonably-priced on-demand access to veterinarians 24/7 around the world. While there are a range of online pet medical care and health service options, VetLive is one of the few that provides 24/7 access to doctors (other services are “open” within business hours for specific regions). The central goal of the site is to provide a way for pet owners to get quick feedback or bounce ideas off of licensed vets without the drawbacks of an office visit. All vets that help provide services through the platform are licensed and experienced. And 90% of the time the services’ founding vets are also on-call.
The Process:

It’s as simple as creating an account and asking a question. Within minutes you should be connected with an experienced licensed vet with whom you will have a live chat conversation. Once you’re connected, the process is a great deal like the intake process of an in-person vet visit. While sophisticated medical tests can’t be administered online, many common pet issues can be resolved with a little common sense and advice from a vet. Perhaps the best part, if the VetLive can’t answer your question, your chat is free!

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  • Starting Price: Free if your question isn’t answered

Best Online Vet For Quick Advice: PetCoach.co

PetCoach is another 24/7 on-demand pet care medical and health advice site. The site is built around a set of forums where you can obtain free non-vet advice on a variety of healthy, behavioral, and general issues. If your questions is something you need to run by a vet, just fill out a questionnaire and follow up in a chat room. One of our favorite parts about PetCoach is that questions aren’t constrained to medical issues. Visitors to the site can ask a vet or knowledgeable forum members about behavior, choosing a breed, grooming, training, as well as health issues.

The Process:

We love that there are three primary ways you can interact with PetCoach.co. Log into the forums to have discussions with non-vet members, download an app on your phone that allows you to chat with a vet live, or log in through the site. There’s also a sweet social component in the site where over time your preferences will lead to a customized feed with content and discussions related to your particular interests. Perhaps best of all, PetCoach accepts most major types of pet insurance.

Best Online Vet For Bay Area and NY: YourFuzzy.com

Just be clear, most of YourFuzzy’s services work anywhere. But perhaps the most unique component of a YourFuzzy membership – in-home vet check ups – are available only in San Francisco and New York City. So what is YourFuzzy? Its a one-stop-shop for health and behavioral support, products, and check ups for your pet. Once you’re signed up, you get unlimited access to vets or technicians within office hours via the site or an app, pet medicines can be refilled and delivered to your door, and in-home (or office, or other convenient location) check ups with a vet can be scheduled. In short, short of an emergency, YourFuzzy brings almost all pet health support directly to you. It’s awesome!

The Process:
Once you sign up for an annual contract with YourFuzzy, a variety of services will be made available to you. With a standard contract your pet gets two in-home vet check-ups. You’ll also immediately begin receiving standard flea, tick, and heartworm medicine in the mail. Access to online chat with veterinarians and technicians begins immediately upon.

Best Online Vet for Scandinavia and the UK: FirstVet.com

For our fellow pet lovers across the pond FirstVet.com offers services similar to YourFuzzy within the nations of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and the UK. WIth no subscription required, FirstVet offers low-cost consultations that can be used to solve a variety of common pet ailments. In some cases, prescriptions can be prescribed during the virtual meeting. Or if your pet needs more specialized care, FirstVet can be a rapid way to get a referral to a specialist in your area.

The Process:

There’s no subscription needed for FIrstVet. Rather you can sign up for an account and populate a profile for your pet(s) that will be added to as you attend virtual consultations. Consultations are available for 20GBP within office hours, and 30GBP (prices may vary by nationality), saving a substantial amount of money when compared to in-person visits. Before a consultation, you’ll send in a description of your problem as well as photos or videos of the issue. A licensed vet will review this material as well as your pet’s health record and then meet with you in a chat room or video chat. Simple as that!

Best Online Pet Pharmacy: Chewy.com

Sure, you can find a great deal of pet supplies on Amazon or other large online retailers, but there’s truly only one pet-centered megastore online: Chewy.com. With more than 1,000 brands of pet products and experts available to help you select the proper one 24/7, Chewy has something for just about every type of pet. Perhaps most convenient, a pet pharmacy allows you to enter your pet and vet information and receive your pet’s Rx in as little as a day or two. And did we mention that every purchase over $49 has free shipping?

The Process:

Chewy is a typical large ecommerce site. Read guides, look through robust review content, and place items in your cart. With that said, there are two pet-specific components of the site that really stand out. The first is the 24/7 availability of pet experts to guide you in your purchasing decisions. Secondly, the online pharmacy offers a huge range of pet pharmaceuticals that can be purchased with a prescription (for most).

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  • Starting Price: Depends on Product