I. The Best Online Pet Care & Veterinary Services of 2022

Fuzzy Pet Health — Best Overall

Fuzzy Pet Health is designed as a one-stop shop for pet health, with on-demand consultations, advice, behavioral support, and products that supplement regular, in-person veterinary care for your pets.

AskVet — Best for On-Demand Care

AskVet provides 24/7 live chat access to licensed veterinarians, so when pets have an urgent need like illness or injury, their owners can get it addressed right away.

PetCoach — Best for Comprehensive Care

This forum-based platform gives pet owners access to expert advice from veterinarians on a whole range of pet-related topics, including medical and behavioral health issues, grooming, training, and more.

whiskerDocs — Best Subscription Plan

whiskerDocs is a subscription-based service that pet owners can use to get supplemental pet care from licensed veterinarians and vet techs, via email, phone call, or live chat.

VetLIVE — Best for Second Opinions

For pet owners who are looking for a second opinion on a treatment or diagnosis for their pet, VetLIVE offers virtual consultations with licensed veterinarians at an affordable price.

II. How We Chose the Best Online Pet Care and Veterinary Services

In selecting our top picks for the best online pet care and veterinary services, we focused on three key elements that are typically most important to pet owners searching for online pet care, including the services provided, whether they are available on an on-demand basis, and how they can communicate with veterinarians.


As many pet owners turn to online pet care and veterinary services during non-business hours like weekends and holidays, it was important to us to find services that are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.


When looking for the best online pet care and veterinarians, we took a close look at the scope of services they offer. We prioritized platforms that offered multiple types of services, including consultations, training, nutritional counseling, medication delivery, and more, so you can get all your pet healthcare needs met in one place.

Communication methods

Communication is key, especially when explaining what is ailing your pet. We focused on services that offer multiple communication methods, including video chat, phone call, live chat, and email, as well as the ability to send photos of your pet.

III. The Top 5 Online Pet Care & Veterinary Services

Fuzzy Pet Health – Best Overall


Fuzzy Pet Health is a one-stop shop for pet health and behavioral support, products, and check-ups. It is designed to provide on-demand consultations and advice to supplement in-person veterinary care for your pets.

Regardless of where customers live, a Fuzzy Pet Health membership will give them access to personalized advice, virtual chat consults, and regular delivery of flea and tick medication. Fuzzy Pet Health’s veterinarians can also provide prescriptions for parasite medications when necessary. Virtual video consultations are available for general questions, behavior or training sessions, and nutritional and diet concerns.

Customers in San Francisco and New York get an additional perk — on-demand physical exams. Subscribers in these markets can schedule a check-up at their convenience, and Fuzzy Pet Health will send a licensed veterinarian to their chosen location.

Fuzzy Pet Health offers different tiers of service with a monthly subscription. Their services are available via their website or mobile app.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Virtual Vet: $9.95/month
Essential Care: $12.95/month
Fuzzy Rx: $24.95/month
Virtual Vet Consultation: $25
In-Home Physical Exam: $150
No – Mobile app
– Desktop compatibility
– 24/7/365 access
– More features at Fuzzy Pet Health

Pros & Cons of Fuzzy Pet Health Online Pet Care Service


  • The number-one pro of Fuzzy Pet Health is that pet owners living in San Francisco or New York can use the service to get an in-home physical exam for their pet. This is a unique, convenient service that only Fuzzy Pet Health offers.
  • Another convenient service that Fuzzy Pet Health offers to pet owners everywhere is regular delivery of medications for a variety of pet health needs, including flea and tick prevention, oral care, skin and coat care, and anxiety.
  • Fuzzy Pet Health is a flexible platform, with three different subscription plans to choose from, based on the services pet owners need and want most. While all subscriptions are for a 30-day period, customers can cancel at any time.


  • Fuzzy Pet Health’s subscription-based model may not work for everyone. While it is ideal for customers who want to use Fuzzy Pet Health’s services on an ongoing basis, individuals who are only seeking help with a single issue may not want the hassle of signing up for and canceling a subscription.
  • While Fuzzy Pet Health’s in-person physicals are a great perk of the service, their availability is currently limited to pets and pet owners living in New York City and San Francisco.

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers say that Fuzzy Pet Health is a reliable, convenient service for when a regular vet visit isn’t possible. “They have shown to be very responsive, professional, and extremely well informed,” says one customer. “I always feel that they genuinely care about their work and patients.”


Ease of use: 90/100
Convenience factor: 100/100
Technology: 90/100
Personalization: 100/100
Overall score: 95/100



AskVet – Best for On-Demand Care


When something is wrong with your pet, you want trustworthy advice as quickly as possible, and it can be frustrating if you cannot reach your regular vet. That’s why AskVet exists.

This service provides access to licensed veterinarians 24/7 via live chat on a computer or mobile device, so if your pet is sick or injured, or you have another urgent concern, you can get it addressed right away.

A consultation with an AskVet veterinarian on average lasts 20 minutes, although there is no time limit on chats, so you can feel confident that you won’t need to end your session until all of your questions have been answered. Signing up for AskVet’s services is as easy as entering some information about yourself and your pet.

Besides treating common household pets like cats and dogs, AskVet’s veterinarians have experience working with horses, fish, birds, and exotic pets.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
3 months: $29.99 No – Mobile app
– Desktop compatibility
– 24/7/365 access
– More features at AskVet

Pros & Cons of AskVet Online Pet Care Service


  • AskVet’s mission is simple — provide a place where pet owners can get access to advice any time of day or night. Therefore, the main perk of this service is that people can use it during non-business hours, and on days like holidays when their regular vet office might be closed.
  • AskVet’s services are available to a wide range of pet owners, as their veterinarians at AskVet have experience with a variety of different animals, including less common household pets like fish, birds, and reptiles.
  • Users can connect with a veterinarian and get advice on the go using AskVet’s mobile app.


  • Because of the nature of telemedicine, especially for pets, there are limitations to what AskVet can do for animals and their owners. They cannot diagnose conditions in pets, and a trip to an in-person or emergency veterinarian may still be required to get the comprehensive care that a pet needs.

What Customers Are Saying

According to customers, AskVet provides comprehensive, compassionate care when they need it most. “I’ve texted more times than I can count,” writes one customer. “It’s so easy and convenient. I am always treated with kindness and respect, and never feel stupid asking any questions.”


Ease of use: 70/100
Convenience factor: 80/100
Technology: 90/100
Personalization: 60/100
Overall score: 75/100



PetCoach – Best for Comprehensive Care


PetCoach is another 24/7 on-demand pet care medical and health advice site. It is built around forums where you can obtain free non-vet advice on a variety of health, behavioral, and general issues. If your question is something that isn’t answered in the forums, simply fill out a brief questionnaire, and you’ll be connected to a veterinarian who can assist you.

One of the best PetCoach features is that questions aren’t constrained to medical issues. Visitors to the site can ask a vet or knowledgeable forum members about behavior, choosing a breed, grooming, training, as well as health issues.

Users can access PetCoach’s services via their website or mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android. PetCoach also integrates a social component into the site, where over time, customers’ preferences will lead to a customized feed with content and discussions related to their particular interests.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Forum Q&A: Free
Consultation: $14.99
No – Mobile app
– Desktop compatibility
– Forum available
– More features at PetCoach

Pros & Cons of PetCoach Online Pet Care Service


  • PetCoach is among the most affordable options for online pet care and veterinary services. Their Q&A forums are free to use, and an in-depth consultation with a licensed veterinarian is only $14.99. This can help pet owners save time as well as money, by avoiding a visit to an in-person vet.
  • PetCoach’s services are available 24/7, which also makes it a convenient option for emergencies and concerns that arise during non-business hours. Pet owners can also use PetCoach on the go via the platform’s mobile app.
  • PetCoach’s Educational Center offers comprehensive resources for a variety of pet-related topics, including health, nutrition, and behaviors. Visitors can use this Educational Center to potentially find the answer to their query, without needing to set up a vet consultation.


  • As with other services on our list, the primary drawback of PetCoach is simply that telemedicine services for pets are limited. PetCoach’s veterinarians cannot diagnose pets, and may not be able to provide all the care necessary to help resolve an issue, depending on what the issue is. Before using PetCoach, pet owners should be aware that they may still be advised to take their pet to an in-person or emergency vet.

What Customers Are Saying

PetCoach has earned praise from customers for coming to the rescue in emergencies. “I found this app while sitting up with my very sick pup,” writes one user. “My questions were answered in a timely fashion, and I didn’t have to wait until normal business hours to get help.”


Ease of use: 85/100
Convenience factor: 90/100
Technology: 90/100
Personalization: 75/100
Overall score: 85/100



whiskerDocs – Best Subscription Plan


whiskerDocs seeks to be the telehealth solution for all of your furry, feathered, or scaled companions, to fill in the gaps when your regular vet is not accessible.

While whiskerDocs cannot diagnose or treat medical issues in pets, they can offer recommendations and decision support, using various proven telehealth methodologies. Veterinarians are available via phone call, live chat, or email, and can be accessed through their website or mobile app.

Users have the choice to utilize whiskerDocs’ services on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis, or by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription for unlimited 24/7 support. Those who purchase an unlimited plan also get 75% off care for additional pets.

whiskerDocs team includes licensed veterinarians and vet technicians, many of whom have over 15 years of experience caring for animals.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Call/Chat: $39.99
Email: $4.99
Unlimited (Monthly): $16.99
Unlimited (Yearly): $129.99
Yes – Mobile app
– Desktop compatibility
– 24/7/365 access
– More features at whiskerDocs

Pros & Cons of whiskerDocs Online Pet Care Service


  • One of the key perks of whiskerDocs is that they offer two ways to pay for their services. Pet owners can utilize the services on a pay-as-you-go basis, or sign up for a subscription plan for unlimited, 24/7 support. There are two subscription plans available as well, monthly or yearly.
  • whiskerDocs also offers the widest variety of communication methods of all of the online pet care and veterinary services we reviewed. Pet owners have the option to communicate with whiskerDocs’ vets via email, live chat, and phone, for the communication method that works best for them.
  • Companies can opt to partner with whiskerDocs to offer their services to employees. This can help benefit employers as much as employees, as there is less productivity time lost to emergency vet appointments.


  • Pet owners who plan to use whiskerDocs on a pay-as-you-go basis should note that their price point for these services is higher than some of the other platforms on our list. This is particularly true when compared to their monthly and yearly subscription rates, which give customers 24/7 access to all services and communication methods.
  • One key feature that whiskerDocs does not offer is an option for a video chat with veterinarians. All consultations are conducted via phone call or written communication.

What Customers Are Saying

whiskerDocs has built a loyal customer base by providing reliable pet care. “I’ve been looking forever to find an app that has good information on pets,” writes one user. “Not only does this do that, but I can connect with an extremely helpful vet over the phone.”


Ease of use: 85/100
Convenience factor: 90/100
Technology: 90/100
Personalization: 75/100
Overall score: 85/100



VetLIVE – Best for Second Opinions


The central goal of VetLIVE is to provide a way for pet owners to get quick feedback or bounce ideas off of licensed vets without the drawbacks of an office visit.

Besides general consultations, VetLIVE offers nutrition counseling and a second opinion service. With this service, a VetLIVE veterinarian will provide help with questions regarding diagnoses, medication, and treatments, if you want an opinion besides the one you received from your primary veterinarian.

Besides general consultations, VetLIVE offers nutrition counseling, and a second opinion service. With this service, a VetLIVE veterinarian will provide help with questions regarding diagnoses, medication, and treatments, if you want an opinion besides the one you received from your primary veterinarian.

Although users must create an account, services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. If VetLIVE’s veterinarians cannot answer your question, the chat is free.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
Ask A Question: $16.95 – $49.95
Nutritional Consultation: Starts at $29.95
Second Opinion: Starts at $34.95
No – Desktop compatibility
– Multiple services available
– PayPal accepted
– More features at VetLIVE

Pros & Cons of VetLIVE Online Pet Care Service


  • In addition to basic consultations for typical pet care issues, VetLIVE offers unique services like nutrition counseling and second opinions. This may make this service an ideal option for pet owners with different needs beyond general questions about their pet’s health.
  • VetLIVE also gives pet owners peace of mind about using the service because they only charge customers if their vets are able to help them resolve their pet’s issue. They also do not require subscriptions to use their services, allowing all customers to pay as they go.
  • Customers may also like that VetLIVE is committed to various philanthropic efforts, raising money for animal-related charities like the American Humane Society, World Vets, Days End Farm and Horse Rescue, and more. At the time of checkout, customers have the option of adding donations that will go to support these causes.


  • Unlike some other online pet care and veterinarian platforms that charge a flat fee based on service or communication method, VetLIVE’s prices vary based on when services are needed, with higher fees for evenings and weekends. Prices for consultations are significantly higher during these times, which may make utilizing VetLIVE cost-prohibitive to some.

What Customers Are Saying

VetLIVE customers say the service has come in handy for questions and advice. “I needed a second opinion, but my schedule wouldn’t allow for another trip to the vet,” says one customer. “ I couldn’t believe how quickly they responded! The VetLIVE doctors are compassionate people that care about animals.”


Ease of use: 90/100
Convenience factor: 80/100
Technology: 90/100
Personalization: 80/100
Overall score: 85/100

IV. What You Need to Know About Online Pet Care & Veterinary Services

An online veterinarian service cannot replace an in-person veterinarian. Most services will clearly state that they cannot diagnose or treat pets virtually, unless they already have an established relationship with the pet. This regulation, known as the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) is set forth by the American Veterinary Medical Association, which oversees veterinary medicine in the U.S.

In the event of an emergency, an online veterinarian may recommend taking your pet to see an in-person veterinarian for treatment. This also means that in most cases, if your pet needs medication, you will have to contact your regular vet for a prescription.

These services are primarily meant to supplement the healthcare your pet normally receives from their regular vet, and provide you with answers and guidance in situations when you are unable to contact your vet.

“Studies show that many pets and pet owners have a better experience with a video/audio visit in-between annual exams versus all in-person visits. Just like with people, a veterinarian being able to see a pet in their natural environment can be helpful in making better care plans,” said Susy Salvo-Wendt, Telehealth specialist.

V. Latest News

As telehealth is a growing industry for humans, it’s no wonder that more pet owners are increasingly adopting these services for pets, for their convenience and affordability. The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred on the development and use of online pet care services, as people are looking for ways to get care without leaving their homes.

Even in light of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, a number of pet care companies were recently ranked on the list of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

There has also been a noticeable uptick in pet owners using veterinary telehealth services during the pandemic, possibly indicating that the pet industry will remain strong.

VI. Sources