I. Why We Trust Anytime Pediatrics

Healthcare is a very personal choice. When you’re looking for a service or provider to take care of your children, you need to find someone that works with your preferences as a parent and offers the best possible service for your child. What’s right for one person or family may not be best for another. Weighing pros and cons when considering a healthcare provider can help you make an educated decision.

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What we like about Anytime Pediatrics

  • You can use the service on a computer, but it’s also available via an app on mobile devices.
  • The doctors treat children of all ages, including adult children up to 21 years of age.
  • Anytime Pediatrics physicians can treat a wide variety of ailments via telemedicine, including allergies, coughs, diarrhea, fever, pink eye, and other common childhood complaints.
  • Patients may be able to see their own pediatrician on the site.

Things customers should consider about Anytime Pediatrics

  • Not all pediatricians are a part of this network, and if yours is not or is otherwise unavailable, you may be connected with another on-call doctor.
  • Despite the name, the pediatricians aren’t available anytime, and visit hours are limited to Anytime Pediatrics hours or those of your participating local doctor’s office.

II. What Customers Are Saying About Anytime Pediatrics

What customers like

“I created an account and added my kids, then their pediatrician, and had my live appt without a single glitch. So for me it was great, very useful, quick response once logged into the appointment.“

“This app was so helpful! I needed to see my doctor over quarantine and was able to schedule a virtual appointment with my doctor.”

“This service is wonderful. I was able to get medical advice in the late hours of the night without having to drag my sick baby to the emergency room.”

What customers don’t like

“I attempted to use this app on three platforms: a phone, an iPad, and a computer. I had trouble with all three. “

“I tried to get this app on my computer, and it will not work. Only on my phone, and my child’s doctor’s info she gave me said I can use it on my computer.”

III. How Anytime Pediatrics Works

To use the Anytime Pediatrics service, you must first sign up for a free account. You do so by going to the website, clicking “Patients,” clicking “Check in now,” and then “New User.” Alternatively, you can download the app on Android or Apple devices and create an account.

When you create an account, you can enter your preferred pediatrician’s information. If the pediatrician in question is part of the Anytime Pediatrics network, you’ll see that office virtually when you request a telehealth appointment. If not, you’ll see another trusted physician in the network.

Once you create an account and sign in, you can request an appointment. You’ll automatically see your selected doctor if he or she is available. If not, you’ll see an on-call doctor with your preferred office. If no on-call doctor is available or the office doesn’t participate, you’ll see a trusted Anytime Pediatrics physician.

Anytime Pediatrics is a service that connects patients with physicians. The pediatrician that provides the service is responsible for filing any insurance claims. If you have insurance, make sure the doctor you have accepts it. The service also has a flat-rate fee schedule for appointments and takes payment via credit card for those that don’t have insurance.

All Anytime Pediatrics physicians can write prescriptions, and if one is necessary, an electronic prescription can be sent to a pharmacy of your choice.  

It’s important to note that this service doesn’t provide emergency medical care. You would use Anytime Pediatrics for the same types of things you might visit your local pediatrician’s office. If you have an emergency, you should go to the emergency room or call 911.

Anytime Pediatrics is not available literally anytime. The pediatricians that work directly for the service are available Monday through Friday from 3 to 11 p.m. CST and on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST. Other pediatricians that connect with patients through the service are available during their own office or on-call hours, which are set by each individual office.

How does Anytime Pediatrics select its doctors?

Anytime Pediatrics only works with board-certified pediatricians. For the most part, it contracts with established offices that have their own protocols for hiring and managing doctors and other staff. But when you use this program, you know you are going to be connected to a trusted doctor who specializes in treating children — and not a general practitioner or a physician in another specialty.

Anytime Pediatrics Pricing & Plans

There are no plans, and Anytime Pediatrics doesn’t disclose costs on its website. However, you can use insurance if your plan covers telemedicine. That means you may only pay any relevant copay.

If you don’t have insurance or your plan doesn’t cover telehealth, Anytime Pediatrics charges a flat-rate fee for video sessions. You also only pay if you actually complete the video call, so you aren’t left on the hook for a payment if the connection cuts out before a physician can treat your child.