I. Why We Trust Talkspace

Talkspace is a great opportunity for anyone who needs access to a counselor but would prefer to text rather than talk or meet face-to-face. Subscribers can text Talkspace five days a week and receive access to a licensed professional for on-the-spot help. In spite of the upsides, text message counseling isn’t for everyone; health care decisions are personal, and what works for one person may not be right for another. A quick look at the pros and cons of each company can help you choose the right provider for your needs.

What we like about Talkspace

Convenience is among the biggest benefits of Talkspace, offering access to a licensed mental health practitioner via text whenever help is needed.

All Talkspace plans include unlimited messaging. Plans are flexible, with several plan tiers from which to choose.

Insurance coverage may be available depending on your plan and insurance provider.

Things customers should consider about Talkspace

Plans can be somewhat expensive for those on a tight budget, with the lowest tier plan starting at $69 per week. Higher-tier plans start at $99 to $109 per week.

Insurance may provide coverage, but not all providers include Talkspace as a mental health care option.

Prescriptions for controlled substances aren’t available.

II. What Customers Are Saying About Talkspace

What customers like

“Overall, my experience with Talkspace was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone seeking consistent support for mild to moderate mental health concerns.”

“I did notice that I began to feel a sense of relief after venting my frustrations each day. Once I got better at clearly communicating specific needs and clarifying what I was looking for, I began to enjoy my virtual therapy.”

“The fact that you can easily switch therapists is a huge benefit. Once I felt a connection with my therapist, it was also a nice feeling knowing that I had a 24/7 connection to a professional to help me work through and reflect on my issues.”

What customers don’t like

“The therapist that was assigned to me didn’t seem intuitive and didn’t even care about my issues. It would be the same thing if I grabbed some random person off the street and tried to have a conversation with that person.”

“Some responses from my therapist were helpful and insightful, however this was not enough to make me feel like I was properly supported. I lacked an active and action based approach you get when you visit a therapist face to face.”

“I’m sure the experience is going to largely depend on how well you connect with your therapist. I did not have a good connection with mine as I felt like my experience was simply her side hustle.”

III. How Talkspace Works

Talkspace is a text message-based alternative to traditional therapy that allows you to text for help on your own schedule.

You can sign up for free on the company website or using a mobile device app. Once registration is complete, you can register for a free consultation with a Matching Agent. During the initial conversation, Matching Agents use the information provided, such as the reason for seeking therapy and unique life struggles, to best pair you with a counselor. You don’t choose your own therapist, but if a relationship doesn’t work out for any reason, you can switch providers.

You can contact your therapist via unlimited text, audio, picture, or video messages. Therapists will usually respond once or twice a day, but timing can vary based on therapist schedules. Some therapists will have longer conversations with you on certain days and check in less frequently on others. Talkspace utilizes a Guaranteed Response Time model to ensure you receive answers in a predictable time frame. Video call appointments are available with several subscription tiers and can be scheduled via text.

Prescribers — either licensed psychiatrists or nurse practitioners — can write prescriptions for a wide range of psychiatric medications, including antidepressants and antianxiety medication, excluding controlled substances. Insurance coverage may be available for both prescription medications and therapy sessions, but the extent of coverage may vary.

Talkspace offers a robust help desk page that answers many common questions. If you have a question or need help not covered in the FAQ, you can submit a request.

How does Talkspace select its doctors?

Talkspace medical professionals are all certified counselors or psychiatrists, depending on the service in question. All providers must carry proper accreditation, which may include Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed and Independent Clinical Social Workers. All Psychiatrists are required to have M.D. or D.O. degrees and complete an approved psychiatry residency program. Talkspace uses certified Nurse Practitioners who specialize in psychiatry. Talkspace hires directly through its website.

Talkspace pricing & plans

Talkspace has three weekly subscription plan options.

  • Messaging Therapy offers unlimited text access five days a week and costs $69 per week
  • Video + Messaging Therapy offers unlimited text access five days a week and video sessions. This plan starts at $99 per week.
  • Video + Messaging + Workshops offers unlimited text access five days a week, video sessions, and access to in-person events. This plan costs $109 per week.

Video chat sessions can be added in an a la carte form for $65 per session.

Bottom line

Talkspace is a valuable alternative to traditional therapy, providing a way for busy adults and anyone uncomfortable with meeting a counselor in-person to seek mental health care. Pricing is relatively affordable and gives clients access to both text and video chat opportunities. Prescriptions are available, offering options for those who need help beyond talk therapy alone. While those used to a traditional counseling experience may find text therapy limiting, Talkspace fills a key gap in the market in an effective way.