I. Why We Trust HealthTap

Telehealth platforms are revolutionizing the healthcare industry, providing patients with a cost-effective, efficient, and trusted means of addressing their healthcare needs and queries. HealthTap is an online telehealth service that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and qualified doctors to classify, prioritize, and advise patients looking for help with a medical problem. Patients purchase a subscription for 24/7 access, and through their virtual visits, can receive prescription and lab orders and referrals if necessary.

HealthTap is a user-friendly telehealth system where members can receive medical advice from doctors or a sophisticated AI interface. Choosing the right telehealth platform is an important decision, therefore consumers should weigh the pros and cons carefully to find one that fits their lifestyle and health needs.

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What we like about HealthTap

  • HealthTap can help patients avoid unnecessary urgent care and ER visits, obtain doctor-ordered prescriptions, order lab tests, see results online, receive referrals to specialists, and get reminders for follow-ups.
  • HealthTap offers its services to individuals, employers, and groups and actively recruits doctors.
  • All doctors offering advice on HealthTap have been fully verified and must be board-certified and hold a valid medical license.
  • HealthTap has competitive costs compared to other similar platforms.

Things customers should consider about HealthTap

  • HealthTap’s terms and conditions state that it reserves the right to impose additional fees and charges.
  • Members may experience longer wait times for an answer from a doctor compared to other telehealth platforms.
  • Once you sign up to use the service, your credit card is billed automatically. Canceling your subscription may be challenging.
  • While the pricing terms may be competitive, finding detailed pricing information is difficult on the HealthTap website.

II. What Customers Are Saying About HealthTap

What customers like

“The doctors on HealthTap are great and very helpful. You can get a lot of benefits for free. Ask a question, and a doctor answers. It is pretty rad. I usually get an answer within an hour, if not faster. Thanks doctors!”

“Healthtap was a quick way to speak with a doctor, who discusses symptoms without having to wait in an office, then prescribes the proper medicine to correct the issue. Very reasonable price and easy to use.”

“It’s a great app, Very useful when you need medical advice late at night for example. The doctor was kind and gave me good recommendations. The post customer service was very supportive as well. I totally recommend it.”

What customers don’t like

“Borrowed a friend’s Facebook and was transferred to an outside site. Paid $49 to have my question answered via text. No response. I want a full refund.”

“Got stood up for a scheduled consultation…was told to reschedule at no charge. However, got billed again and I’m hassling with them to get a refund. Not a well run company.”

“Their service does not work. No way to contact the company to remedy a failed service offering. No phone number and no email address. I requested a video service but received a chat service. I mentioned that is not what I requested but was told differently.”

III. How HealthTap Works

Customers can access HealthTap through the HealthTap website and the platform’s mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices. Users must set up a new account, which varies depending on whether the account is for an employer or an individual joining the service.

Members can request a virtual consultation from any device and opt for their meet to be conducted through live video or a text-only session. The platform pairs the member with a doctor that best suits their query.

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If members are unsure whether they need a virtual consultation with a doctor, they can consult the HealthTap AI system. The AI offers several question prompts, allowing the user to enter their symptoms and any other relevant information. Once the AI has processed this data, it presents a number of potential causes of the symptoms reported and guidance as to the next step. If the member then decides they need to see a doctor, the doctor is given this information before the virtual consultation session starts.

Doctors on the HealthTap platform are permitted to fill prescriptions, order lab tests, and make referrals to specialists. These additional services are not available on all telehealth platforms, so this may be a deciding factor for some consumers. Prescriptions can be sent to the member’s pharmacy for pickup, or members can opt for home delivery. Any lab results are made available to members through their secure HealthTap dashboard. All data is strictly confidential and subject to robust security controls.

It may be possible for members to use their insurance coverage to pay for HealthTap services, but this depends on what is covered by their plan. Members should check their policy before using any paid telehealth platform to determine what is covered and what is not.

Members can access HealthTap’s customer support team by phone or by email. They can also search for answers in the HealthTap help center on the platform’s website.

How does HealthTap select its doctors?

HealthTap members can rest assured that all physicians registered on the platform can provide quality care and have gone through a stringent verification process. The HealthTap network includes more than 90,000 doctors across 147 specialties. HealthTap ensures that all doctors that join the network are board-certified and hold a valid medical license.

HealthTap pricing & plans

HealthTap offers two plan options. The cost to join the platform is $119 per year per individual, which works out to around $10 per month. For employers looking for more specific services, a tailored plan and quote is available.

The subscription gives members access to the following features and services:

  • 24/7 virtual visits with a board-certified doctor using video or text chat
  • Prescriptions sent to the member’s pharmacy or home
  • Lab tests ordered and results delivered through HealthTap
  • Reminders about follow-up treatment
  • Referrals to specialists

These features and services are typically the same for members of employer and group plans. However, those types of members may also have access to additional services and features depending on whether their employer has created a tailored plan.

Members who overuse the service may be charged an additional fee or may be terminated from the program.