The Benefits of a Personalized Telehealth Doctor

One of the emerging trends in the medical industry is telehealth or distance doctoring.

At first glance, meeting with a doctor online might seem less than ideal. But there are many benefits to having an online doctor. Let me review a few.

Benefit 1: No waiting rooms

If you and your kids get sick, with a traditional doctor you have to wait in the waiting rooms with other sick kids. This is not a great situation since you may pick up new germs and get a new sickness.

With an online doctor via telehealth, you eliminate waiting rooms when needing to see a doctor.

Benefit 2: Saves time

Think about all the time it takes you to get packed up, travel to the doctor, wait in the waiting room, wait to be seen by several people, then travel back home. It’s almost guaranteed that this process will take you at least 2 hours even if you’re only seen for about 10 minutes by the actual doctor.

With telehealth you cut straight to the chase. With the best telehealth services, you meet directly with your doctor via an online streaming video service. The whole process might be 20 minutes, and all of that is with an actual doctor who cares.

Benefit 3: Faster prescriptions

Let’s say you get strep throat and you know you have strep throat. With a traditional doctor it can sometimes take up to 3-4 days to get your appointment and then get your prescription even when you know what you need.

The best online doctors can get you the prescription you need within 12-24 hours. Imagine having to deal with pain for 3-4 days when you don’t have to. Makes no sense!

Benefit 4: Whole family coverage

If you’ve got a big family, some telehealth doctors will serve your entire family for a flat fee. And you can get all your issues addressed in a single visit. Plus if you know your kids tend to get sick one right after the other, you can ask your telehealth doctor to be ready to quickly prescribe antibiotics on the first sign of symptoms.

Benefit 5: A doctor when you travel

Using a telehealth doctor frees you up to travel with confidence. If you get sick on vacation, your online doctor can get a prescription sent to the nearest pharmacy. If you’re in a different country, and you need diet or nutrition advice, it’s there at your finger tips.

Benefit 6: Personalization

Believe it or not the best online doctors limit their clientele to 400-600 people. This allows them to get to know you. Many telehealth doctors offer their services to clients who share their health philosophy, so it makes it possible for you to choose a doctor who shares your views on health. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a carnivore, a runner or a lifter, in shape or needing to get in shape, you’ve got options.

And here’s a great thing -> if you love your doctor, you can keep your doctor even when you move.

Benefit 7: Rural access

You can get access to the best big city doctors with a recent, high quality education and the latest medical knowledge from a rural location.