I. Why We Trust JustAnswer

With digital services such as live chat, interactive online portals, and remote patient monitoring (RPM), telehealth and telemedicine services are transforming the healthcare system. Telehealth platforms are making healthcare access more efficient for everyone, from patients and providers to insurance companies and administrators. 

When you visit a doctor in person with a medical query or problem, you want a healthcare professional who’s qualified and experienced. The same due diligence is required when selecting a telehealth platform. Part of your selection process should involve comparing each platform’s pros and cons, so you have a thorough understanding of both benefits and limitations. You should also ensure that the service you choose only offers advice from verified and certified professionals. 

What we like about JustAnswer

JustAnswer provides quick and simple answers to visitors’ questions through its extensive panel of verified experts. Its online platform is built on expertise, knowledge, and trust, which can save users time and money compared to scheduling appointments with their primary care doctor. 

JustAnswer members have 24/7 access to over 12,000 verified experts, including doctors, lawyers, mechanics, home repair pros, vets, and more. 

Answers are received within minutes, and visitors can ask questions and receive a response via a number of channels, including text, phone, and chat. They can also support their inquiry with documents and photos for the expert to review. 

JustAnswer offers first-time users a 7-day trial during which they can ask unlimited questions. While the trial isn’t free, users are only charged a fixed fee of $1 and then a base rate of $5 per question. This trial comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

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Things customers should consider about JustAnswer

The cost to use JustAnswer can vary. Monthly membership fees are based on the types of questions being asked. For example, urgent or complex questions will cost more than simple routine inquiries. 

Once you sign up, your account fees are automatically charged each month on your credit card and canceling may be challenging.

As with other telehealth services, JustAnswer’s experts aren’t permitted to write or refill prescriptions for controlled substances. 

II. What Customers Are Saying About JustAnswer

“My experience with JustAnswer was superb. Just moments after joining and explaining my issue I was put in contact with a knowledgeable expert with my issue and was able to troubleshoot, isolate, and find a solution.”

“I would HIGHLY recommend JustAnswer. The technician answered my question in a timely manner. I was also able to resolve the issue without having to pay someone for additional service. I will be using JustAnswer for everything!”

 “The information given was very helpful and extensive. I have saved the advice given so I can refer back to it when I need to.”

What customers don’t like

“I paid the $5 for the service and a week later they charged me $29 so I called them to ask for a refund and they told me they don’t do refunds.”

“I asked a specific question and was given a generic answer with a video link to YouTube which I’d already seen. Nothing else when I asked for more help.”

III. How JustAnswer Works

Customers can use JustAnswer through the service’s website or by downloading the platform’s mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices. New users will need to create an account before they can ask their first question. 

You can create an account using the JustAnswer chatbot window on their main sign-up page. You’ll be prompted to enter the question you wish to ask first. The chatbot then asks you to sign up for the $1 free trial while the platform connects you to the most suitable expert. For example, if you have a question about eye health, you’d be put in contact with a verified ophthalmologist. 

Once you’ve been connected with an expert, you enter into a one-to-one chat. The messaging system allows you to send photos and documents as well as text, which may be useful in some circumstances. The expert may ask you for more information during the chat and then provide you with their final answer. You can also choose to speak by phone, but there’s an additional charge for this service. 

If you’re not happy with the answer you’re given, you can request a second opinion from a different expert free of charge. The website clearly displays ratings and reviews for each expert. As JustAnswer is a public forum, it’s also possible to browse previously answered questions for free. 

How does JustAnswer select its doctors?

JustAnswer only selects experts with recognized credentials in their fields, such as licensed doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, or experts with years of experience working in a specialty. 

When an expert applies to answer questions, their identity and at least one relevant credential are verified by a third-party service. Once an expert is approved, they’re subject to customer ratings, secret shopper ratings, and peer reviews. All ratings are clearly displayed for JustAnswer users to see. 

To ensure experts meet the requirements set by JustAnswer’s advisory board, the platform uses an algorithm to remove those who fail to meet the required standards. 

JustAnswer pricing & plans

Unlike many other telehealth services, JustAnswer doesn’t charge a fixed monthly rate for its service. JustAnswer charges a $5 base rate to post a question during the 7-day trial period. If you don’t cancel your account before the 7-day trial period comes to an end, you are switched over to a monthly payment plan that’s calculated according to the questions you ask.

According to JustAnswer customer service, the fees for asking questions typically range from $18 to $46 a month. Users can check their current charges through their account’s Order History tab. There are no definitive answers regarding charges or fixed membership costs on the JustAnswer website.