I. Why We Trust Sesame

Telehealth companies are improving healthcare accessibility for many people. By practicing medicine through virtual technology, patients are able to access personalized, convenient, and affordable health care.

Sesame is a telehealth platform that offers direct-to-patient care. Patients and doctors are connected without considering health insurance, letting patients access quality and convenient care at upfront prices. Patients can use this service to schedule virtual or face-to-face visits, order lab work, fill prescriptions, or access imaging.

Sesame has a wide variety of board-certified doctors available nationwide, but there are a number of other qualifications to consider when selecting a telehealth provider. As every patient’s needs are unique, it’s important to assess a provider’s pros and cons to ensure the best fit for you and your family.

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What we like about Sesame

Sesame provides access to various healthcare needs, including primary care, dentistry, prescription refills, and dermatology.

You can book easily and conveniently and cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours ahead of your appointment to receive a full refund, no questions asked. Sesame also refunds same-day appointments that are canceled within an hour of purchase.

There are no subscription or membership fees to access Sesame services. Customers pay a defined, upfront price for individual appointments or services.

Things customers should consider about Sesame

Patients must pay for their appointment at the time of booking, not at the doctor’s office. Payments can only be made using VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Savings Account (FSA). Cash, checks, and money orders are not accepted.

Customers should note that doctors may not be able to prescribe or refill certain prescriptions, including narcotics and medications designated as controlled substances.

Patients may not apply a copay or coinsurance at the time of payment. Individuals with eligible insurance may be able to submit Sesame receipts for reimbursement.

II. What Customers Are Saying About Sesame

What customers like

“I was able to set an appointment with a primary care doctor. While it was just a consultation it was well worth it! I left my appointment feeling encouraged and looking forward to my new doctor patient relationship with Dr. Tiffanny Blythe, DO. Thank you Sesame for making this process smooth sailing.”

“I booked a $19 eye appointment through them. Super simple and cheap, doctors were great. I will definitely use them in the future.”

“I absolutely love how this is allowing me to see doctors at a lower cost. You pay up front, and you are treated just like everyone else. I have received an MRI and an XR. I cannot begin to say how great this service is to myself. Thank you for a great program!!!”

What customers don’t like

“I thought the point of your services was to offer discounted services. I was able to get an eye exam and had great service. Shortly after that all processes changed, there is no longer discounted pricing, and most services are now more expensive than the average doctor.”

“They offer appointments that doctors don’t even have. Had the doctor’s office call me almost 2 and half hours before my scheduled appointment to cancel the appointment! Granted the doctor’s office did try to reschedule, but none of those other appointments worked for me.”

III. How Sesame Works

Customers can access Sesame’s services through the platform’s desktop or mobile webpage. New users can join by creating an account. Scheduling a service also prompts users to create an account or log in.

Users can search for and select available physicians in Sesame’s database by name, symptoms, services, and locations. Searches can be further filtered by price, language, patient type, and availability. Each physician profile includes detailed information about skills, experience, and further qualifications to best inform patients’ decisions. Appointments are often available the same day, but other open times and services are also viewable by date in the physician’s profile.

Individuals can book face-to-face visits if deemed necessary. Many appointments are also available virtually over video chat. Audio-only appointments are available if the patient does not have access to video. Appointment time lengths are included in the booking details. During the visit, the doctor will assess the patient’s symptoms and needs. They may recommend additional services, such as follow-up visits, lab work, imaging, or prescriptions.

Sesame’s physicians can prescribe medication as needed in an office or urgent care setting. These medications may include those for infections, allergies, or other acute conditions. Due to telehealth regulations, physicians cannot prescribe drugs such as narcotics or designated controlled substances.

As Sesame is a direct-to-patient service, it does not accept insurance. Patients cannot apply a copay or coinsurance directly to visit fees but can pay using their HSA or FSA. Some insurance policies may also provide reimbursements for Sesame receipts.

Customers can access customer support by telephone, email, or chat. Customers can also keep their information and records on file on their account to make booking visits more streamlined. Appointment booking and management, including cancellations, are also available in account services. Appointments are fully refunded if canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours ahead of time, with some exceptions. These exceptions include services such as confirmed surgeries or requests to fill prescriptions that are not accepted.

How does Sesame select its doctors?

Sesame only works with board-certified providers. As part of Sesame’s commitment to ensuring patient access to the best care, physicians undergo a rigorous vetting process. They must provide licensure, education history, and confirmation of clean disciplinary history as a condition for participation. Physicians offer a wide range of services and specialties, including but not limited to dermatology, dentistry, mental health, diabetes, and general care.

Sesame pricing & plans

Sesame operates on a direct-to-patient care principle, so its services are available to all users regardless of insurance status. Patients skip complex insurance charges and access quality care for the fee exactly as listed, with no hidden or unexpected charges. Users can sign up for Sesame without membership or subscription fees, and visit fees are set individually by each provider according to the requested visit or service needs.

Appointment fees must be paid at the time of booking and are payable by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or with an HSA or FSA. Some insurance policies may provide reimbursement for Sesame receipts.