I. The 12 Best Online Doctors for Erectile Dysfunction of 2024

Sesame – Best Overall
Sesame works with independent physicians and nurse practitioners, so it’s easy for patients to choose a provider based on price and availability.

Maximus Tribe – Best Follow-Up Treatment
Maximus Tribe works with board-certified physicians who review lab results with you, so you can be sure your prescribed plan is a good fit for your health needs.

GoodRX Care – Best for Telehealth
Offering comprehensive health care, GoodRX Care accepts insurance and charges a fixed fee for online erectile dysfunction treatment.

Physician 360 – Best for Convenience
Physician 360 offers two fixed-price erectile dysfunction consultation packages. You can simply register and initiate a consultation any time between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., seven days a week.

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete – Best for Professional Care
With Lemonaid Primary Care Complete, you pay for the consultation and fill in a simple health questionnaire. In some states, this is followed by a call or video consultation. Your information is carefully reviewed, and you may need to undergo lab tests. Once Lemonaid Primary Care Complete is satisfied your erectile dysfunction can be safely treated, a prescription is issued.

MDAnywhere – Best for Ease of Access
MDAnywhere’s easy-to-use application allows you to initiate an online consolation at any time. Prescriptions are sent directly to your pharmacy, and you only pay if you’re accepted for treatment.

Roman – Best for Low Cost
Roman doesn’t charge for doctor’s visits when treating patients for erectile dysfunction. The service ships medication directly to you, usually at a fraction of the cost of similar prescriptions from a pharmacy.

PlushCare – Best for Long-Term Care
PlushCare is a telehealth platform that provides comprehensive, long-term patient care, according to local telehealth regulations. It treats erectile dysfunction and many other conditions as part of a monthly health care subscription.

WebDoctors – Best for Efficiency
Once you’ve filled out the WebDoctors medical health questionnaire, you can expect a call from the attending doctor within an hour to discuss and diagnose your ED symptoms. Video calls are optional.

Blink Health – Best for All-in-One Service
At Blink Health, you simply set up an account to complete a consultation and prescription order all at one time. You can arrange for your prescriptions to be filled and delivered to your door.

Hims – Best for Men’s Specialization
Hims puts you in touch with an online, state-certified physician who can treat your ED and other male-specific medical needs.

iLiveActive – Best for Health Savings Accounts
iLiveActive is one of the few online telehealth platforms that allows you to pay using your Health Savings Account.

II. How We Chose the Best Online Doctors for Erectile Dysfunction

In our evaluation of the best online doctors offering consultations and treatment for erectile dysfunction, we looked at several factors. We verified the services are HIPAA compliant, have flexible appointment schedules, and provide you with easy access either from a home computer or through a mobile device. We also checked that prescriptions were available and considered the cost per visit and whether insurance was accepted.

What communication methods are offered?

Taking into consideration patient privacy, we evaluated the available communication methods. We looked for doctors who offered video conferencing capabilities, phone calls, and direct messaging services. We investigated whether patients can ask questions and raise concerns after their consultation. We also checked if the site provides appropriate feedback on prescribed medications, their side effects and what forms of follow-up exist.

What services are available?

We looked to see what services are offered, if consultations are thorough, whether online physicians check for other health issues that may contribute toward ED, and if patients are referred for lab tests. We considered how treatment is prescribed, how you receive prescribed medications, and whether online doctors directly sell and dispense medications.

What is the wait time?

We placed a strong emphasis on online doctors offering on-demand, same-day appointments. We also checked that wait times for scheduled appointments were minimized. We investigated how prescriptions were sent out and whether there was any undue delay.

III. The Best Erectile Dysfunction Doctors of 2024

Sesame – Best Overall

Sesame Asthma Image

Sesame is a unique telemedicine provider that allows customers to choose their own online doctor to find the best rates. The company’s partners specialize in treating UTIs, yeast infections, and other conditions. Rates are set by individual providers, which allows consumers to select the best option for their budget and timetable. Prices for UTI doctors and nurse practitioners range from $34 to $77 for a 15- to 20-minute consultation.

Price Accepts Insurance Other Features
$34 to $77 for a 15- to 20-minute consultation No -Flexible rates that vary by provider
-Video or phone consultations
-Same-day and next-day appointments
–More features at Sesame

Pros and Cons of Sesame


  • Competitive prices from eliminating insurance markups and working directly with medical professionals
  • You can choose a physician or nurse practitioner based on your needs and preferences
  • Financing is available through Affirm
  • FSA or HSA funds can be used


  • Insurance not accepted
  • Quality of care may vary

What Are Customers Saying?

“I was in need of a primary care physician and am uninsured currently, so it seemed like a no-brainer low cost way to check it out. Totally impressed all the way through from information on providers, cost, scheduling, payment, etc. Was also happy with the doctor I selected … I hope that this is a successful alternate model for health care!”



Maximus Tribe – Best Follow-Up Treatment

Maximus Tribe Homepage

Maximus Tribe is a telehealth service that offers treatment plans in coordination with a board-certified physician. Patients start by completing a medical questionnaire and taking an at-home test using a blood sample from the shoulder. This test measures testosterone, SHBG, and LH levels. A doctor at Maximus Tribe will review your lab results and questionnaire responses with you and help determine an appropriate treatment plan. You will take another at-home test after 30 days. A doctor will review these test results to determine if the treatment plan is effective.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$200/month plus $72.50 each for initial at-home tests No –Scheduled appointments
–Access doctor through online portal
–Prescriptions available
–More features at Maximus Tribe

Pros and Cons of Maximus Tribe Care


  • Maximus Tribe accepts HSA and FSA plans
  • At-home lab tests
  • Medical team messaging available


  • No mobile application
  • Treatment plan subscription required

What Are Customers Saying?

Customers appreciate the quality of Maximus Tribe’s medical advice and customer service. One patient said, “First and foremost the customer service and attention from my Dr has been above and beyond what I expected.”



GoodRX Care – Best for Telehealth

GoodRx Homepage

GoodRX Care offers a variety of services, including diagnosis and treatment for erectile dysfunction. The cost is $39 for each consultation, and Hey Doctor has no hidden fees. Simply log on to the website from your desktop to schedule an appointment. You can communicate either via video or phone, although some states require video consultations with a doctor. Once the doctor has diagnosed your condition, they’ll send you a prescription via email or to your chosen pharmacy. GoodRX Care accepts insurance plans.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$39 per visit (male only) Yes –Scheduled appointments
–On-demand care
–Prescriptions available
–More features at  GoodRX Care

Pros and Cons of GoodRX Care  


  • Fixed $39 fee for erectile dysfunction consultations
  • Hey Doctor accepts insurance plans
  • Prescriptions emailed to you or your pharmacy
  • Medical team messaging available


  • No mobile application; patients must make appointments via a desktop computer
  • Video consultation times are usually restricted to office hours

What Are Customers Saying? 

Customers appreciate GoodRX Care’s service quality and care. One patient said, “Prescription was in hand within a few hours after my first contact. Helpful, responsive to questions in a timely manner, thorough, polite, good cost.”



Physician 360 – Best for Convenience


Physician 360 offers a range of telemedicine services, including consultations and treatment for erectile dysfunction. Available on-demand, these services can be accessed between 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. seven days a week. The process is easy: simply register on the website, purchase the appropriate consultation package and initiate a video consultation. Consultation packages are also sold at participating pharmacies. Within a few minutes, a local doctor will join the conversation. You can choose a single consultation with a 60-day prescription or an annual subscription that includes a 90-day prescription with three refills. Once your consultation is complete, the physician sends the prescription to your home or pharmacy.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$25 per visit

$10 monthly subscription

No –On-demand care
–Mobile app
–Prescriptions available
–More features at Physician 360

Pros and Cons of Physician 360 


  • Purchase a consultation online or at participating pharmacies
  • On-demand consultations are available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily
  • One-time consultation or an annual subscription available
  • Two-way video consultation via mobile or desktop


  • On-demand only, no scheduled appointments available
  • Physician 360 does not accept health insurance payments



Lemonaid Primary Care Complete – Best for Professional Care

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete ED

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete offers telehealth consultations for erectile dysfunction and a wide range of other conditions. Typically, a consultation costs $25 and may require a short video consultation, depending on the state. If you’re being treated for ED, you’ll need to have your blood pressure taken at a local pharmacy or by a registered nurse before medication can be prescribed. You must complete a short online interview, and in most instances, supply a photo ID. Your information is reviewed, and if necessary, a video interview or call is scheduled. Once Lemonaid is satisfied you’re a candidate for treatment, a prescription is written. If oral medication isn’t recommended based on your current health condition, the consultation fee is refunded. You have the option of purchasing medication shipped directly from Lemonaid Primary Care Complete or from their local pharmacy.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$25 per visit Yes –HIPAA-compliant
–Mobile app
–On-demand care
–More features at Lemonaid Primary Care Complete

Pros and Cons of Lemonaid Primary Care Complete


  • Fixed $25 consultation fee, which is refundable if Lemonaid doesn’t prescribe oral medication
  • Purchase medication directly from Lemonaid or through a local pharmacy
  • Mobile app for the initial questionnaire and follow-up consultations


  • A blood pressure check is necessary before erectile dysfunction meds will be prescribed
  • Lab tests must be performed at a Quest Diagnostics center
  • 24-hour turnaround for prescriptions

What Are Customers Saying? 

Patients appreciate the quality of care received from Lemonaid Primary Care Complete. Here’s what one said: “So much faster than I expected & I got my prescription the same day 🙂 thank you Lemonaid, I’ll definitely use your services in the future!”



MDAnywhere – Best for Ease of Access


If you’re seeking help for erectile dysfunction, you can simply open an account with MDAnywhere using your mobile device or computer. Then, select a treatment option and complete an online health assessment. An MDAnywhere doctor reviews your case, and in some instances, may request a video consultation or ask for a photo ID.

Costs for ED treatment are linked to the length of the prescription. For a basic consult, you get a prescription for a one-month supply, and for the next level you get a three-month prescription. MDAnywhere electronically sends prescriptions to your pharmacy and only bills you once the pharmacy acknowledges receipt. MDAnywhere doctors treat a variety of ailments, and their services are accessible in most, but not all, states.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$29 for one-month treatment, $69 for a three-month treatment No –Care available 24/7/365
–Mobile app
–Prescriptions available
–More features at  MDAnywhere

Pros and Cons of MDAnywhere 


  • Accessible via mobile device, desktop, or laptop
  • No payment until the pharmacy receives your prescription
  • On-demand appointments are available 24/7, although medical reviews only take place during business hours


  • MDAnywhere services aren’t available in all states
  • Follow-up appointments required for prescriptions after three months

What Are Customers Saying? 

Mobile customers give the MDAnywhere application five-stars. One comments: “Great app and great service! So easy to use and very quick turnaround time. Much better than going to urgent care, and less expensive.”  



Roman – Best for Low Cost


Roman is an online medical telehealth service catering to male health needs, including erectile dysfunction. Consultations for ED are free, as are follow-up visits. To get started, you complete an online health assessment that’s reviewed by a doctor registered to practice in your state. In some instances, state regulations require a follow-up video consultation with the doctor. Once you’re accepted for treatment, Roman ships medications discreetly to your home address. It’s also possible to pick up your prescription at a Surescripts Network pharmacy.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Free online visit

$2 per dose to $70 per dose

No –HIPAA-compliant
–Scheduled appointments
–Prescriptions available
–More features at  Roman

Pros and Cons of Roman


  • Free and discreet shipping of medication
  • No charge for consultations, queries, or follow-ups
  • Patients can discuss treatment issues and ask questions


  • Prescriptions are only filled directly by Roman or through Surescripts Network pharmacies
  • Roman doesn’t accept health insurance

What Are Customers Saying? 

Patients express satisfaction with the quality of medical care they receive. One said: “You have seriously helped me with something I never thought I would feel comfortable addressing.”



PlushCare – Best for Long-Term Care


PlushCare is a subscription-based telehealth service that treats a range of conditions, including erectile dysfunction. You can book appointments online at a convenient time with your preferred private care practitioner, or you can access medical help on demand. PlushCare can be accessed via an iOS or Android app on your smartphone or directly through the website from your desktop or laptop. Interactive consultations are video based, although you can use instant messaging for follow-up queries. Prescriptions are electronically sent electronically to your pharmacy, and the service accepts most health insurance plans.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$79 to $99 per visit Yes –Care available 24/7/365
–Mobile app
–Prescriptions available
–More features at PlushCare

Pros and Cons of PlushCare 


  • Book appointments or visit on demand
  • Most major insurance plans are accepted
  • Regular primary care physicians available


  • Consultation fees are higher than other services
  • Monthly or annual subscription required

What Are Customers Saying? 

PlushCare patients like the professionalism and quality of care offered. This is what one patient said: “So thankful for PlushCare, I have used this twice, now. I was worried about having multiple doctors but the doctors are awesome, compassionate, ask the right questions, in a short period of time, and never rushed.”



WebDoctors – Best for Efficiency


To access treatment through WebDoctors, you simply log on and request a consultation, providing details of why you need to speak to the doctor and giving a brief medical history. As soon as a doctor is available, they will call you back for a telephone consultation. The typical wait time is no more than an hour, and you can request an expedited consultation for a slightly higher fee. At the end of the appointment, the doctor will send an electronic prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. Treatment for ED starts at $49.95 per consultation.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$49.95 per visit Yes –Care available 24/7/365
–Mobile app
–On-demand care
–More features at   WebDoctors

Pros and Cons of WebDoctors 


  • $49.95 fixed fee for ED consultations
  • Most major health insurance plans accepted
  • Video and phone appointments are available on-demand 24/7


  • Appointments are on-demand only, no fixed appointments available
  • Wait times can be about an hour

What Are Customers Saying? 

Customers find WebDoctors to be efficient, helpful and professional. This patient’s comments are typical of many others: “Very efficient, yet thorough. Felt comfortable asking questions and the physician made me feel comfortable.”



Blink Health – Best for All-in-One Service

Blink Health

Blink Health offers an all-in-one service for consultations and medication delivery for ED and a range of other conditions. The cost for the initial consultation is $5, followed by a monthly subscription of $9.95. The cost of prescribed medication is extra. Simply sign up for an account, request the medication you want or the condition you’d like to treat, and complete a health questionnaire. A licensed physician will review your request, and if approved, a prescription is issued. In most instances, Blink Health ships medication to your door, although it’s also possible to pick up your prescription from Blink-affiliated pharmacies. Blink Health issues a digital Blink Card to members. All payments are made directly to Blink, even when picking up medications from a pharmacy.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$5 for the first month, ongoing subscription cost of $9.95/month, plus the cost of refills Yes –Care available 24/7/365
–Mobile app
–More features at  Blink Health

Pros and Cons of Blink Health 


  • Convenient all-in-one service with automatic refills and to-the-door deliveries
  • Low-cost monthly subscription can be used for all prescription medication needs
  • Health insurance is accepted


  • Prescriptions must be supplied by Blink Health or through a Blink Health-affiliated pharmacy
  • A Blink digital membership card is required


What Are Customers Saying? 

Blink Health’s goal is to bring down the cost of prescription medications. This is one member’s experience: “Blink is incredible. Today we picked up a prescription and it was $400+ retail. We paid $15.31 with Blink.”



Hims – Best for Men’s Specialization


Hims specializes in telemedical treatment for various male conditions, including erectile dysfunction. All you need to do is create a profile on the Hims platform, answer questions about your health and lifestyle, and provide a government-issued ID and your credit card details. Then, you’re put in touch with a qualified health care specialist who’s licensed in your state to diagnose and treat ED. Once the specialist is satisfied that you’re a good candidate for medication, Hims ships the prescribed medication, discreetly packaged, to your home or sends an electronic prescription to your pharmacy.

Price Accepts insurance Features
$39 per consultation No –Care available 24/7/365
–Mobile app
–Prescriptions available
–More features at Hims

Pros and Cons of Hims 


  • ED shipped discreetly to your door
  • Fixed $39 consultation fee
  • Pharmacy pickup available


  • Insurance not accepted
  • Appointments can’t be scheduled

What Are Customers Saying? 

Hims customers are very satisfied with the service: “I should be checking ‘helpful doctors,’ ‘effective,’ and ‘convenient’ because it is definitely all three!” 



iLiveActive – Best for Health Savings Accounts


A unique feature of iLiveActive is that there’s no consultation cost. Onboarding is easy; you simply create an account, provide your medical history, and then book an instant or scheduled consultation. All new patients undergo a thorough 15-minute remote medical examination. If the doctor decides your ED is treatable with medication, you can purchase prescribed medication directly from iLiveActive or through one of the pharmacies in the platform’s network. You can use a Health Savings Account to pay for your medication, and iLiveActive accepts all major credit cards.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Starting at $0.99 to $24 per pill No –Scheduled appointments
–Mobile app
–On-demand care
–More features at  iLiveActive

Pros and Cons of iLiveActive 


  • Payment with Health Savings Accounts available
  • No consultation fee; you only pay for medications
  • Choose between on-demand or scheduled appointments


  • Health insurance not accepted
  • Prescriptions must be delivered or picked up from a iLiveActive Pharmacy Network pharmacy

IV. What Do You Need to Know About Online Doctors for Erectile Dysfunction?

Why should I choose an erectile dysfunction online doctor?

You can consult an online doctor from the comfort of your own home. Typical appointment lead times are shorter than with doctors’ offices, and it’s often possible to get same-day service. Patient confidentiality is assured, and you may find it less uncomfortable to discuss sensitive issues, such as erectile dysfunction, from a remote location.

What types of services and areas of expertise do erectile dysfunction online doctors offer?

Online erectile dysfunction doctors offer services similar to your local doctor apart from a physical examination. Video consultations allow patients to explain symptoms and permit some degree of visual examination. Online doctors can order lab work and prescribe medications.

How much do online erectile dysfunction doctors cost?

The cost of an online consultation varies depending upon the type of appointment. Consultation fees for ED are usually fixed, although some doctors have variable fees and others offer a subscription service. Overall, fees are generally lower than for face-to-face consultations.

Do erectile dysfunction online doctors accept insurance?

Some do, and others don’t. You should consult your health insurance provider to learn whether online consultations and prescriptions for erectile dysfunction are covered.

Can erectile dysfunction online doctors prescribe medication?

Yes, in most instances, online erectile dysfunction doctors can prescribe medications. Some states require that online physicians are licensed for that particular state.

What if I need a lab test?

Regulations about lab tests vary between states. In most instances, though, online doctors can order tests to be carried out in person at a local lab. In some cases, it’s also possible to do certain tests at home.

V. Latest Online Doctors for Erectile Dysfunction News

Online doctors for erectile dysfunction prescribe various medications to help men with ED achieve an erection. These include what are known as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, such as sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil, which are often marketed under different brand names. In the United States, these drugs require a prescription.

  • Access to online treatment for erectile dysfunction has been eased by temporary changes to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services rules, which affect online consultations by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers.
  • The increased availability of online consultations for ED is particularly useful for patients living in remote areas like Alaska and rural locations throughout the United States.
  • New treatments such as the use of pulsed acoustic waves and newer drug formulations offer hope for patients who don’t respond well to current ED therapies.

VI. Sources