I. The 10 Best Online Doctors for Anxiety Treatment and Prescriptions of 2022

PlushCare – Best Overall
Whether you’re interested in cognitive behavioral therapy, lifestyle changes, or pharmaceutical treatments, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, PlushCare’s physicians and licensed therapists can develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

Sesame Care – Best for Easy Scheduling
Sesame Care works with a network of independent medical professionals who are licensed in all 50 states. You can compare prices and providers, and view available appointments all before creating an account.

Amwell – Best for Insurance Coverage
If you need anxiety treatment and have insurance, chances are Amwell accepts your plan. The company works with more than 55 insurance companies that cover over 80 million Americans.

Cerebral – Best for Integrative Care
Cerebral treats anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other common mental health concerns using a collaborative care model endorsed by leading researchers.

Doctor on Demand – Best for Teletherapy
In addition to offering on-demand medical services and urgent care, Doctor on Demand’s licensed therapists and psychiatrists treat anxiety, depression, and related conditions using cognitive behavioral therapy.

Heal – Best for the Whole Family
Anxiety can impact everyone, including 30% of children and teens. While most online mental health services are geared toward healthy adults, Heal also offers pediatric care and couple’s counseling.

HeyDoctor – Best for Antianxiety Prescriptions
Created by GoodRx, HeyDoctor makes it easy to book an appointment with a qualified medical provider who can assist with short-term prescription refills.

K Health – Best for Affordability
K Health offers a variety of virtual medical services, including an AI-driven diagnostic bot. This provider stands out for its affordable monthly rates that include comprehensive care for anxiety patients. Medications can be added for a nominal fee.

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete – Best for Unlimited Consultations
Available with a monthly subscription, Lemonaid Primary Care Complete’s behavioral services include diagnostic care, home-delivered prescriptions, and unlimited follow-ups, which are helpful as you adjust to your new medication.

SAMI-Aid – Best for Multidisciplinary Care
SAMI-Aid’s free and premium memberships allow patients to book consultations with a doctor, nurse, therapist, or psychiatrist. Services are available for a flat-rate fee depending on the provider’s credentials.

II. How We Chose the Best Online Doctors for Anxiety Treatment and Prescriptions

Consumers can choose from a growing number of telemedicine and telepsychiatry options that focus on treating anxiety. The best providers typically offer convenient appointments, short wait times, multiple consultation options, and individualized care. These criteria generally result in higher satisfaction ratings. Although online doctors are more affordable than their local counterparts, we included providers at various price points, including options for patients with and without insurance.

What communication methods are offered?

Depending on your needs, you can select a provider who offers medical care via video or live chat. Phone or email consultations may also be available. We included services that offer multiple communication options for patients with varying needs and preferences.

What services are available?

Telehealth providers who treat anxiety and depression offer virtual consultations and diagnostic services. They prescribe prescription medications and can discuss nonpharmaceutical alternatives, such as counseling, meditation, and stress management.

What is the wait time?

Wait times are typically minimal, especially when compared to conventional therapists. Most online doctors offer on-demand care or same-day appointments, although wait times for psychiatrists might be longer due to high demand. For your convenience, we included services that offer easy scheduling and short wait times.

III. The Best Online Doctors for Anxiety Treatment and Prescriptions of 2022



PlushCare is a physician-founded telehealth company based in San Francisco. The company employs more than 100 board-certified physicians who have at least 10 years of experience. You can use PlushCare to book talk therapy sessions with a licensed counselor in certain states, or you can discuss treatment options with a physician for a flat rate nationwide. Services are typically provided by video. Doctors can discuss your symptoms, write prescriptions, refer you to a licensed therapist, or suggest nonpharmaceutical strategies, such as stress management techniques. The company offers same-day appointments with short wait times.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Medical care w/o insurance: $99
First month of therapy: $33 per visit
Yes -App and web-based care
-Board-certified physicians
-97% customer satisfaction rating
-More features at PlushCare

Pros and Cons of PlushCare


  • PlushCare offers a free 15-minute initial therapy consultation.
  • You can choose from talk therapy, medical care or nonpharmaceutical options.
  • Monthly rates give you access to the PlushCare medical team.
  • You can build a relationship by working with the same therapist.


  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy is only available in select states.
  • Rates are by the session, but services are billed monthly.

What Are Customers Saying?

“PlushCare is amazing. I suffer from anxiety and depression so even a doctors appointment can be overwhelming. I am so grateful for PlushCare and the doctors are very attentive and easy to talk to.”



Sesame Care


Sesame Care is a direct-to-patient health care company that connects consumers to independent medical professionals. Providers listed on the site are carefully vetted to confirm their credentials, education, and licensing. Nurse practitioners and physicians offer new patient consultations, prescription refills, and mental health services by video. Phone consultations are available if you don’t have access to a webcam. If you’re considering anxiety treatment, the service makes it easy to compare prices and providers, select a convenient appointment, and pay for services upfront for one flat fee. Although Sesame Care doesn’t accept insurance, customers can pay with their FSA or HSA.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Visits: $35+ No -Video and phone consultations
-Board-certified physicians
-Flexible pricing
-More features at Sesame Care

Pros and Cons of Sesame Care


  • You can select a provider based on price and availability.
  • There’s no charge if you cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment.
  • The service is secure and 100% HIPAA compliant.


  • No insurance accepted.
  • Patients have reported scheduling issues with some providers.

What Are Customers Saying?

“Easy to make an appointment online and saved me money!”





Amwell offers virtual telepsychology sessions with licensed therapists and psychologists. Most anxiety patients complete six 45-minute sessions, although services are based on individualized treatment plans. Amwell has excellent insurance coverage through more than 55 major carriers, including Cigna, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Treatment options include medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and stress management.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Therapy visit: $99-$110
Initial psychiatry visit: $269

Follow-up visit: $99
Yes -Web-based and mobile consultations
-Licensed master’s and doctoral level professionals
-Secure, HIPAA-compliant services
-More features at Amwell

Pros and Cons of Amwell


  • You can choose a licensed counselor or psychologist depending on your needs and budget.
  • Amwell accepts most major insurance, and many companies offer Amwell benefits to their employees.
  • The company offers convenient on-demand video consultations.


  • Amwell typically recommends multiple visits for anxiety patients.
  • Doctors in the Amwell Medical Group are unable to order lab work.

What Are Customers Saying? 

“I had no insurance and needed my antianxiety medication. I had a video appointment with a doctor. He asked appropriate questions and actually seemed to care. I was able to continue my prescription. The value for the charge is amazing.” 





Cerebral is a unique telehealth subscription service that specializes in mental health. Services are provided by a team of Care Counselors who follow a collaborative/integrative care model that’s recommended by the University of Washington for conditions like anxiety and depression. These professionals handle the diagnosis process, prescribe medications, and complete follow-up visits to see how patients are adjusting.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Weekly care and medication: $20
Weekly therapy: $60
Weekly care and therapy: $76
Yes -Easy online scheduling
-Monthly check-ins and ongoing care
-Prescriptions delivered to your door
-More features at Cerebral

Pros and Cons of Cerebral


  • Cerebral focuses on anxiety and mental health.
  • Flat-rate subscriptions include comprehensive care and medication.
  • Therapy-only and therapy-plus-medication plans are available in most states.
  • You may qualify for discounts on your first month of service.


  • Cerebral charges a significant monthly fee.
  • Account registration is required to make an appointment.
  • Average wait times range from one to three days.

What Are Customers Saying?

“I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for a long time. Cerebral was a fast solution to getting back on medication and managing my anxiety.”



Doctor on Demand


This full-service telemedicine provider offers primary care, urgent care, chronic disease management, and behavioral health services for conditions like anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia. Prospective patients can start by completing a free mental health assessment before scheduling an appointment with one of Doctor on Demand’s U.S.-based counselors or psychiatrists. On average, the company’s mental health professionals have 15 years of experience providing personalized care.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Visit: $50 Yes -Open seven days a week
-Services from licensed therapists and psychiatrists
-Ability to see the same provider regularly
-More features at Doctor on Demand

Pros and Cons of Doctor on Demand


  • You can view counselors’ credentials and choose your own provider.
  • Electronic prescriptions for noncontrolled substances are available.
  • Psychiatrists offer pharmaceutical and nonpharmaceutical treatments.


  • Counselors may cancel or reschedule appointments.
  • Patients have reported issues with prescription refills.

What Are Customers Saying?

“Doctor on Demand saves my sanity. Honestly if it wasn’t for this app I would put my mental health on the back burner. I’m a busy mom of three and constantly at the doctor for my kids, so I avoid unnecessary appointments whenever possible. It is the same cost or cheaper than going in person to get help for my depression, and there are no excuses with such an open on-the-go option.”





Heal is a woman and physician-owned telemedicine provider offering virtual consultations and house calls for the whole family. Teletherapy services for depression and anxiety start with a clinical screening. Heal employs licensed psychologists who provide diagnostic services, administer behavior health questionnaires, and develop customized treatment plans that may include cognitive behavioral therapy and physician-prescribed medications. The company’s mental health services are suitable for depression, anxiety, and personal issues such as work-related stress and relationship concerns.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Sessions: $69 Yes -Video consultations
-Services from clinical psychologists and PCPs
-House calls available in select areas
-More features at Heal

Pros and Cons of Heal


  • Teletherapy is available to adults and children.
  • Services combine mental health and primary care.
  • Employer-sponsored counseling is available through the company’s Back to Work Solution.


  • You can request the same teletherapy provider, but appointments aren’t guaranteed.
  • Virtual medical services are only available in select states.

What Are Customers Saying?

“I had an awesome experience with Dr. Wong and Medical Assistant Roderick. I’ve been waiting over a month for my PCP to complete paperwork. I schedule[ed] a visit with Dr. Wong the next day! She was happy to complete the paperwork. They were on-time and performed a thorough exam.”





Created by the prescription-savings program GoodRx, HeyDoctor provides a wide range of virtual medical services, including short-term prescription refills, wellness visits, health screenings, and medications for anxiety, depression, and stress. The company’s flat-rate fees include a comprehensive consultation with video conferencing if required in your area. Providers learn about your symptoms and concerns before making treatment recommendations. If indicated, medications can be picked up at your local pharmacy or delivered to you.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Visits: $39 No -Video consultations Monday through Saturday
-App-based messaging 24/7
-Multiple prescription refill options
-Satisfaction guarantee
-More features at HeyDoctor

Pros and Cons of HeyDoctor


  • HeyDoctor offers affordable flat-rate fees without insurance.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with your visit, you can request a refund.
  • The company can help you find the best prices on prescriptions.


  • Services aren’t available to minors or adults over 65.
  • HeyDoctor doesn’t accept insurance or FSA/HSA payments.
  • Prescription processing times are longer outside business hours.

What Are Customers Saying?

“Absolutely the best, easiest doctors appointment. I have used them about 5 times so far and recommend them for anyone who has frequent issues (Acne, UTIs, Anxiety/Depression for example).”



K Health


K Health is an independent subscription-based telehealth provider offering primary care membership, behavioral health care, and pediatric services. The process starts with a brief assessment to determine if these services are suitable for you. Users are then directed to the app where they can complete their membership and submit their payment information. The company’s reasonable monthly fee includes diagnostic services, prescription writing, and two monthly check-ins to monitor your progress. K Health will deliver the prescribed medication to your door for an additional $10 per month.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Monthly care: $19
Monthly medication delivery: $10
No -Care available 365 days a year
-In-app chat-based consultations
-Medical care and medications
-Board-certified clinicians
-More features at K Health

Pros and Cons of K Health


  • K Health offers comprehensive medical and behavioral health care for a simple monthly fee.
  • Mental health services are available to most adults 18-85.
  • Typical wait times range from 15 minutes to one hour.


  • A five-minute pre-appointment assessment is required.
  • K Health requires an ongoing subscription.

What Are Customers Saying?

“K Health has been incredible through my experience. The doctors know how to properly diagnose you and treat you…Thanks to K Health, I feel back to my normal self.”



Lemonaid Primary Care Complete

Lemonaid Primary Care Complete Anxiety

San Francisco-based Lemonaid Primary Care Complete offers a comprehensive range of online medical services, including video-based primary care visits, urgent care, and treatments for conditions like anxiety and depression. Mental health services are available with a monthly subscription. After signing up, you can schedule a consultation with one of Lemonaid Primary Care Complete’s physicians or nurse practitioners. The care team typically prescribes medications that are delivered to your door via Lemonaid Primary Care Complete Pharmacy, and shipping is included in the monthly fee.

Price Accepts insurance Features
First month: $5
Following months: $95
Yes -National coverage
-Physicians and nurse practitioners
-Video-, phone- and chat-based care
-More features at Lemonaid Primary Care Complete

Pros and Cons of Lemonaid Primary Care Complete


  • Lemonaid Primary Care Complete offers medication and unlimited check-ins for one monthly fee.
  • Cancel your subscription at any time.
  • On-demand care is available seven days a week during business hours.


  • Mental health services are only available to adults 25 and older.
  • Lemonaid Primary Care Complete typically recommends at least 12 months of treatment.
  • The monthly fee is higher than some providers.

What Are Customers Saying?

“Lemonaid is so convenient. The process was very easy and the doctor was so nice. I appreciate this business and will definitely use them in the future.”





SAMI-Aid offers free memberships and paid subscriptions that give patients access to a team of nurses, physicians, therapists, and psychiatrists who are licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Membership allows you to book an appointment with a provider of your choice for a flat-rate fee. Average wait times are as little as 15 minutes for medical services, although you’ll likely wait longer for therapy services. Providers can prescribe many antianxiety medications and can suggest lifestyle changes and coping strategies to promote wellness. SAMI-Aid conveniently offers phone and video consultations from a diverse group of medical professionals. The company even employs virtual dermatologists and nutritionists.

Price Accepts insurance Features
Session: $59.99 No -Free and paid memberships
-Service in all 50 states
-Multidisciplinary care team
-Flat-rate billing
-More features at SAMI-Aid

Pros and Cons of SAMI-Aid


  • You may request the same provider for repeat visits.
  • SAMI-Aid offers doctor and psychiatry consultations for a flat-rate fee.
  • Nursing consultations are available for advice about minor ailments.


  • SAMI-Aid accepts FSA and HAS payments, but reimbursement is not guaranteed.
  • Wait times for psychiatry services range from 24 hours to one week.

What Are Customers Saying?

“I had a really excellent experience with SAMI-Aid. My prescriptions were refilled quickly with no problems.”

IV. What Do You Need to Know About Online Doctors for Anxiety Treatment and Prescriptions?

Why should I choose an online doctor for anxiety?

Consulting an online doctor is one of the easiest ways to seek care for anxiety and mental health disorders while saving time and money. Most providers offer on-demand appointments, and there’s no need to leave your home.

What types of services and areas of expertise do online anxiety doctors offer?

Mental and behavioral health care are among the many services offered by online anxiety doctors and psychiatrists. Telehealth providers order labs, write prescriptions, and provide related services, including preventive medicine, urgent care, and follow-up visits.

How much do online anxiety doctors cost?

Telemedicine providers that offer mental health services may charge per consultation or per month of care. Typically, rates are relatively affordable even if you’re uninsured or your insurance company won’t cover these services.

Do online anxiety doctors accept insurance?

Many online doctors accept Medicare and private health insurance. Consult your insurance company or the provider to confirm.

Can online anxiety doctors prescribe medication?

It depends. Online doctors can prescribe most medications, including antidepressants and beta-blockers, that can reduce anxiety symptoms. However, regulations typically prohibit them from prescribing controlled substances, such as benzodiazepines.

What if I need a lab test?

Blood tests and imaging procedures typically aren’t used to diagnose anxiety disorders. However, online doctors might order labs to rule out underlying medical conditions that might influence your symptoms or impact your sense of well-being.

V. The Latest News About Online Doctors for Anxiety Treatment and Prescriptions

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, interest in online doctors who treat anxiety and help patients manage their mental health has increased significantly. These services are exceptionally convenient for patients looking to avoid crowded waiting rooms. However, there are other reasons behind their growth.

  • According to the American Psychological Association, demand for anxiety and depression treatments has soared during the pandemic. Nearly 30% of psychologists and telepsychiatry providers are seeing more patients, and three-quarters reported increased demand for services related to anxiety.
  • The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards reports that many jurisdictions temporarily eased restrictions to allow licensed providers to see out-of-state patients. These exemptions apply to areas that have declared a state of emergency or have established certain COVID-related policies.
  • In recent years, industry associations have been working to formalize recommendations for telepsychology providers who treat anxiety disorders. These guidelines are intended to promote regulatory compliance while helping medical professionals use this technology more effectively.

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