I. Why We Trust Hims

Many factors go into choosing a healthcare provider. What works for a family may not work for a single individual. And sometimes, people are looking for gender-specific help, which is where Hims comes in. By doing a little background research, you can compare the pros and cons of Hims and see if this niche service might meet your healthcare needs.

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What we like about Hims

  • The cost of a primary care visit is only $39, making this an affordable option for many.
  • Doctors can send electronic prescriptions when necessary to a local pharmacy of your choice, but you can also choose to have prescriptions filled via Hims mail-order options.
  • Hims attempts to respond to all patients within 24 hours.
  • Hims physicians can treat 30 common conditions, including cold and flu symptoms, allergies, some types of headaches, fungal infections, skin issues, acid reflux, and stomach symptoms.

Things customers should consider about Hims

  • The service is designed for men, so women and children must use other telemedicine options.
  • In addition to the telehealth visit expense, you might have to pay for any prescription cost if you don’t have insurance to cover it.
  • Insurance does not cover calls with Hims doctors, so you do have to pay the $39 for any visit.
  • If you see a doctor or go through the process to be prescribed erectile dysfunction medication, you may end up with a recurring medication shipment that you have to cancel if you don’t want.

II. What Customers Are Saying About Hims

What customers like

“The whole experience has been positive, product cost was appropriate, the manner in which it was packaged was very convenient and product was delivered very timely. I would recommend HIMS to my family and friends should they have a need.”

“The website is easy to navigate. I always have great customer service and it is very prompt.”

“Convenient, less expensive than prescription through doctors and pharmacies.”

What customers don’t like

“I did the physical assessment, was prescribed their meds, realized it was a subscription and canceled immediately.”

“I’m very disappointed at the snail’s pace of ForHims’ customer service.”

III. How Hims Works

Hims actually has several lines of service. Even before the rise in telemedicine, it was a popular choice for men seeking certain products, including medication for hair loss, skin care, and erectile dysfunction. Because of this, the site has options for completing medical information and working with representatives to get prescriptions from your doctor’s office for certain things. Those items are then shipped and billed to you in a subscription fashion.

It’s often this side of the Hims business that people reference in reviews. However, this part of the site is different from the primary care visit option.

You can consult with a licensed physician about 30 different nonemergency health complaints. You simply need to navigate to the Hims site and click on “Primary Care” and then “Start primary care visit.”

You’ll need to select your state, provide some basic personal and medical information, and enter a payment method. You’ll also complete some questions about your medical complaint before consulting with a provider. Hims connects you with the next available provider licensed to practice in your state, and that provider discusses your issues and offers some treatment options.

If medication is appropriate, the provider can issue a prescription and send it to the pharmacy of your choice.

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of customer service to support follow-ups, though you can contact general customer service for the company for issues with billing or other complaints. This is probably not a service you would use for ongoing or chronic issues, as you can’t develop a relationship of any kind with the random treatment providers you’re connected with. This is more a service for lower-level, one-off complaints when you don’t want to sit in a waiting room or deal with urgent care during after-hours situations.

How does Hims select its doctors?

Hims only works with licensed medical providers who are certified in the appropriate state. The medical provider you see may not be an MD, though. Physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or others who are licensed to treat patients and prescribe medication might work with patients.

Hims pricing & plans

While Hims does offer some subscription services for various products, the primary care telehealth option is not a subscription-based product. It costs $39 each time you consult with a provider via this service — which is certainly less than it would cost without insurance at a doctor’s office.

Hims doesn’t accept insurance for telehealth calls. However, your insurance might kick in to cover any prescription you need. That cost varies according to the medication, where you fill it, and your insurance coverage.