I. The Best Medication Reminder Apps for 2022

MediSafe – Best Overall

Described as a “virtual pillbox,” MediSafe is a user-friendly app that sends users medication and refill reminders, provides drug interaction warnings, and helps caregivers manage prescriptions for loved ones.

MangoHealth – Best for Android Users

MangoHealth makes medication and healthcare management fun with rewards program incentives that encourage users to take medications on schedule and commit to daily healthy habits.

RoundHealth – Best for iOS Users

RoundHealth, which is currently only available for Apple devices, is an easy-to-use reminder app that lets users set notifications for prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as vitamins and supplements.

DoseCast – Best Paid App

While there is a free version of DoseCast, this app also offers a paid version with extra functionality, including the ability to sync reminders across multiple smart devices.

MyTherapy – Best for Non-English Speakers

Available in nearly 30 languages, MyTherapy is a comprehensive health and wellness app that allows users to set reminders for medications, vitals measurements, and activity.

Lady Pill Reminder – Best for Women’s Health

Lady Pill Reminder is a user-friendly app that sends women a  daily reminder to take their birth control, with a fun visual interface that makes tracking pill adherence easy.

CareZone – Best for Healthcare Management

CareZone is a robust healthcare management app that makes it easier for patients to remember to take their medications, order prescription refills, keep track of doctor appointments, and more.

Care4Today – Best for Activity Tracking

While Care4Today offers a medication reminder tool, this app also functions to develop exercise plans, track activity and diet, and measure vital statistics.

MedPlan – Best for Health Education

For users who want to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle, the MedPlan medication reminder app offers an abundance of educational tools and resources.

Groove Health – Best A.I. Tool

Groove Health gives users additional support through its unique A.I.-powered tool, Maxwell, which can answer questions about medications and provide personalized health tips.

II. How We Chose the Best Medication Reminder Apps

There are many apps available that will reliably remind users to take their medications on time. Therefore, in order to be included on our list of the best medication reminder apps, we looked for apps that are highly rated, widely available, and feature-rich.

Additional functionality

An app that simply reminds you to take your medications is useful. However, to ensure that it’s really worth your time and the storage space on your phone, we looked for apps that had additional functionality beyond a basic medication reminder. Additional features can include refill reminders, drug interaction warnings, activity and health trackers, appointment reminders, coupons, and more.


An app isn’t very helpful if it’s not available for the device that you use. Therefore, we prioritized apps that are available on multiple devices, including Apple and Android smartphones.

App ratings

We looked at customer reviews and overall app ratings in both the Apple and Google Play stores, to ensure that our list of the best medication reminder apps includes apps that are user-friendly, reliable, and bug-free.

III. The Best Medication Reminder Apps



MediSafe is a straightforward, user-friendly mobile app that offers a number of features that make prescription management easy. The app is described as a “virtual pillbox” that sends users personalized reminders to take their medications as directed. Notifications also include drug interaction warnings, so users know if they should not take their medications with certain drugs, foods, or beverages.

The app is also ideal for caregivers. There is a dependents feature that lets users add prescriptions for multiple people, such as children or elderly patients. Users can also use the app to send a notification to a caregiver if they forget to take their medication.

MediSafe also helps users feel confident that they won’t run out of their medications, thanks to refill reminders. Users can import their prescriptions from major pharmacy chains like CVS, Rite-Aid, or Walgreens, or add their medications (and non-prescription vitamins and supplements) manually.

Price Rating More Features
Free (in-app purchases)
Upgrades available as in-app purchases and via varying subscription fees.
Apple: 4.7 stars
Google Play: 4.6 stars
-Available in multiple languages
-Refill reminders
-Coupons available
-More features at MediSafe

Pros & Cons of MediSafe Medication Reminder App


  • MediSafe gives users access to coupons and discounts at thousands of pharmacies nationwide through a partnership with GoodRx, helping users find the lowest prices on their prescriptions.
  • By providing drug interaction warnings, MediSafe helps keep users safe by ensuring they do not accidentally combine medications with other drugs or substances that will interact negatively, or decrease the effectiveness of the medication.
  • A MediSafe account automatically stores users’ data on a secure server. Therefore, if a user gets a new device, all they have to do is download the app and log into their account, and all their information and reminders will automatically shift to the new device.
  • Users can feel confident that their information is kept private with MediSafe. The app is HIPAA-compliant, and uses 256-bit encryption to protect users’ privacy.


  • One downside of the MediSafe app is that developers provide anonymized, aggregated user data to healthcare companies. Although this data is anonymous, and can be helpful to developing better healthcare treatments and systems, some users may not like the fact that their data is being collected and shared.
  • On certain devices, MediSafe notification reminders will be silenced when the device is on silent mode, so users must leave their sound on to get their reminders.

What Customers Are Saying

According to users, MediSafe offers many reminders and tools that make medication management easy. “This app keeps track of every medicine you take, what the pill looks like, the strength of the dose, and how big of a dose you are prescribed,” says one user, adding that refill reminders are another perk.



MangoHealth – Best for Android Users


MangoHealth, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, is a free app designed to make medication and healthcare management fun. The app helps users create a daily schedule that includes medication reminders, blood pressure and blood glucose checks, weight and activity trackers, and customized reminders for other healthy habits.

Users can set their medication reminders as needed, as well as snooze or skip alerts if necessary. MangoHealth also keeps all medication information in one location, so users can easily see how their medications will interact with other prescription or over-the-counter drugs, as well as food and drinks.

MangoHealth also has a note-taking feature, so users can track how their medications are working, and share this information with their doctor or healthcare provider. The app also incentivizes users to stick to their medication schedule with a rewards program that includes raffles for gift cards and charitable donations.

Price Rating More Features
Free Apple: 4.4 stars
Google Play: 4.3 stars
-Rewards points program
-Drug interaction information
-Side effect information
-More features at MangoHealth

Pros & Cons of MangoHealth Medication Reminder App


  • One of MangoHealth’s significant pros is that the app offers a rewards program to incentivize users to stick to their medication schedule. Users earn points that unlock the chance to win gift cards for retail stores like Target or The Gap in weekly drawings.
  • When setting up medication reminders, users can customize their schedule. For example, users can set reminders for morning medications at a later time on weekends than on weekdays.
  • MangoHealth also lets users establish reminders for healthy habits, including hydrating, tracking blood pressure and blood glucose, moving and stretching, watching their weight, and recording their mood.
  • The app also includes a Care Recipient feature, which MangoHealth users can use to manage medications for those in their care.


  • A drawback to MangoHealth’s platform is that users must enter their medications manually. Unlike some other apps, they do not have an option to scan medications, or import them from a pharmacy. This may make this app less appealing to users who take several medications.
  • The Healthy Habits feature is limited to pre-programmed habits included with the app. Users cannot add their own habits to track.

What Customers Are Saying

People who use MangoHealth praise the app for improving their medication management and overall health. Says one user, “I didn’t realize I needed this until I downloaded it. Since this app, I’m more thorough, which is really what helps in a healthier body. I’m glad I downloaded it.”



RoundHealth – Best for iOS


For those who don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, RoundHealth is a straightforward easy-to-use medication reminder app available to iOS device users.

RoundHealth allows users to program notification reminders for prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as vitamins and supplements, by choosing their items from an extensive drop-down list of common drugs and supplements. Once a medication is selected, users can select their dosage from a list of options, or enter a customized dosage, if necessary.

Users set a notification “window,” during which RoundHealth will send three alerts, one each at the beginning, middle, and end of the window, ensuring that if users miss a notification, they will still have an opportunity to take their medication when needed. A simple swipe or tap records that the notification was acknowledged, and the user took their medication. Smartwatch users can sync the app to their watch, so they can receive notifications even if they are away from their phone.

Price Rating More Features
Free Apple: 4.5 stars
Google Play: N/A
-Refill reminders
-Smartwatch sync
-Customizable dosages
-No website available

Pros & Cons of RoundHealth Medication Reminder App


  • A key pro of the RoundHealth medication reminder app is that customers can use it to set reminders for vitamins and supplements as well as their prescriptions. The app is pre-loaded with thousands of common vitamins and supplements, as well as prescription and OTC medications.
  • RoundHealth will also track how many doses of a medication a user has remaining, making it easier for users to know when they need to order refills.
  • Another nice feature of RoundHealth is that it syncs with Apple Watches, so users don’t necessarily need to be near their phones to receive their notification reminders.
  • Although all medications come with pre-populated doses, RoundHealth also gives users the option to add a customized dose.
  • Users aren’t required to create an account with RoundHealth, making this a good option for users who want to protect their privacy.


  • The most significant con of the RoundHealth medication reminder app is that it is currently only available for iOS devices. Android users will have to opt for a different medication reminder app.
  • For medications that are taken multiple times per day, users must create a separate alert for each dose. RoundHealth does not currently have an option for establishing multiple alerts for the same medication or supplement.

What Customers Are Saying

For people who have used other medication reminder apps, RoundHealth stands out. “Nothing I’ve tried has ever helped me actually take my meds as scheduled,” says one user. “Being able to get three push notifications gives the matter more of a sense of urgency. I love this app!”



DoseCast – Best Paid App


There is a free version of DoseCast, but for users who want extra functionality, there is a paid Pro version as well.Free features include the ability to set notifications for taking medications, enter customized dosages, take notes on individual medications, and smart silencing, so notifications are not sent while users are sleeping.

The Pro version, which costs $2.99 monthly or $27.99 annually, is even more robust. Users with a Pro subscription can sync reminders across an unlimited number of Apple, Android and Amazon devices. It also keeps a log of drug adherence, so users can easily see how well they have been keeping to their medication routine. The Pro version also keeps track of refills, and lets users connect their account to a doctor or pharmacy, making it easier for users to get in touch with a healthcare professional if they have questions, or need to order a refill.

Price Rating More Features

1 month – $2.99
1 year – $27.99

Apple: 4.3 stars
Google Play: 4.1 stars
-Available in multiple languages
-Refill reminders
-Backup reminders
-More features at DoseCast

Pros & Cons of DoseCast Medication Reminder App


  • A major pro of DoseCast is that it is compatible with just about every smart device, including Amazon devices. Users with a paid subscription can sync their app across multiple devices, so they can still get reminders even if they are away from their phone.
  • DoseCast tracks which time zone a user is in, and automatically adjusts reminders, making this an ideal option for users who travel frequently, and don’t want to worry about re-setting reminders as they go.
  • DoseCast does not collect any personal identifying information from users, and encrypts all information sent via the app, so users have the peace of mind of knowing their data and privacy is secured.
  • The app is available in French and German as well as English, making it available to a wider pool of users.


  • The biggest drawback of DoseCast is that some features, like pill counts and refill reminders, which are included for free on other apps, are only available with the paid Pro version of this app.
  • If users take different dosages of the same medication throughout the day, they must create a separate reminder for each dosage.

What Customers Are Saying

DoseCast has a loyal following for being reliable and easy-to-use. “Dosecast is super flexible,” says one user. “Set it for however long you like and it will remind you. I love the ability to photograph the pill and attach it to the reminder. If you need reminders to take medications, this is the app for you.”



MyTherapy – Best for Non-English Speakers


The MyTherapy app is available in nearly 30 languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and simplified Chinese, making it an optimal choice for individuals who do not speak English.

With MyTherapy, users can create their medication reminders by scanning the barcodes of their prescriptions, or entering them manually. There is also a team function that allows users to add a trusted individual who will get an alert if the patient does not take their medication as scheduled.

MyTherapy is a comprehensive healthcare app, meaning users can also set reminders and track other wellness activities and measurements, including weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, exercise, and more. All of these measurements, including drug adherence, are consolidated in a simple daily report, so users can where they are on track, and where they need improvement. All of this information is then added to a broader history overview, allowing users to see long-term patterns of their health and wellness.

Price Rating More Features
Free Apple: 4.8 stars
Google Play: 4.7 stars
-Available in multiple languages
-Health reports
-Exercise reminders
-More features at MyTherapy

Pros & Cons of MyTherapy Medication Reminder App


  • A key pro of MyTherapy is that it is available for a wide international audience. The app is available in nearly 30 languages, and it is linked to drug databases in multiple countries, making it easier for users around the world to enter their drug information.
  • Individuals who need extra help staying on schedule with their medications can use MyTherapy’s team feature, which allows users to add trusted caregivers. These individuals will be notified if the patient does not take their medication as scheduled.
  • For users seeking a comprehensive health and wellness app, MyTherapy is a good choice. Besides helping users track their medication usage, there are also tools for monitoring overall health and wellness, like exercise reminders and measurement trackers.
  • All of a user’s information is recorded in daily and monthly reports, giving them short- and long-term overviews of their health.


  • Unlike some other medication reminder apps, MyTherapy does not offer much in the way of refill reminders. Users who want to rely on their app to help them remember to order refills may want to look to a different platform.
  • MyTherapy also does not provide drug interaction warnings, or a place for users to add notes about medications, which is common for many other medication reminder apps.

What Customers Are Saying

People are fans of MyTherapy because it saves them stress when remembering to take prescriptions. “This app is amazing,” says one user. “It even reminds me of an injection that I take every two weeks. Once you take your medication, you click on the confirm sign! No more wondering whether or not you took your meds.”



Lady Pill Reminder


Any woman who has ever taken birth control knows that its effectiveness is largely dependent on taking their pills as scheduled. Luckily, now there is Lady Pill Reminder, from app studio Baviux, to help women stay on top of their birth control.

The app, which is currently only available for Android devices, is straightforward. Users select the type of birth control they use, and indicate the time of day they want to take their pill. Lady Pill sends a discreet daily notification at the requested time reminding the user to take her pill. Notifications can be turned off during break days.

The interface shows a virtual “pill pack,” so users can see exactly where they are in their cycle, and have a visual reminder of when they need to get a refill. There is also a section where users can take notes, which can be helpful for tracking any anomalies in their cycle.

Price Rating More Features
Free Apple: N/A
Google Play: 4.3 stars
-Refill reminders
-Notes feature
-Customization options
-More features at Lady Pill Reminder

Pros & Cons of Lady Pill Reminder Medication Reminder App


  • Simplicity is key to the Lady Pill Reminder app. It reliably reminds users to take their birth control, which is essential to ensuring the medication is effective.
  • The visual interface, in which users see a “virtual pill pack,” makes it easy for users to track their usage, and remember when to order a refill.
  • There are several ways to customize the look and sound of the Lady Pill Reminder app. Users can choose between six different colors, and customize the sound, vibration, text and icon for the daily notification. For those who want even more control over how the app looks, there is a Lady Pill Icon Pack with 25 different icons available for purchase.


  • The main con of Lady Pill is that it is currently only available for Android devices. Apple device users who want this type of app will have to look elsewhere.
  • Although Lady Pill fulfills its intended purpose well, its functionality is limited beyond that specific purpose. Adding additional tools may make it seem more worthwhile to users who expect more from their apps.

What Customers Are Saying

Lady Pill users say the app is exactly what they need to stay on track with their birth control. “I absolutely love this app,” says one user. “It reminds you every hour until you take it. I can promise I would have missed three-quarters of my doses if it weren’t for this app.”



CareZone – Best for Healthcare Management


CareZone is a holistic healthcare management app that makes it easier for patients to remember to take their medications, order prescription refills, record important vitals, and keep track of doctor appointments.

Within the CareZone app, users can set up medication reminders in groups, for multiple medications taken at the same time daily, or individual customized reminders, for medications taken on a unique schedule. CareZone has a scan feature that makes it easy for users to add new medications to their account.

Through the CareZone pharmacy, users can get free home delivery for ongoing prescriptions. CareZone will send users their medications in pre-sorted pill packs organized by dose, date, and time, helping to ensure that users take their medications as scheduled, and in the correct dosages. The CareZone app also lets users track other health information, like blood pressure and blood glucose, and provides answers to basic health questions through its personal Care Advisor.

Price Rating More Features
Free Apple: 4.6 stars
Google Play: 4.6 stars
-Prescription delivery available
-Health information tracker
-Refill reminders
-More features at CareZone

Pros & Cons of CareZone Medication Reminder App


  • One of the main perks of CareZone is that it includes pharmacy services. Users can order refills directly through the app, and have them delivered, in pre-sorted packs organized by dose, date, and time, right to their home for free. Users only pay their regular copays for medication, and CareZone accepts all major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • For users who qualify for Medicare, CareZone offers resources to help people shop for plans, save money on premiums and copays, and answer questions about the program.
  • CareZone lets users create additional profiles for dependents or loved ones whose medications they may also be managing. Users can easily switch between profiles to keep track of all relevant medication information for those they are caring for.
  • CareZone also has an Achievements feature that helps motivate users to accomplish health and activity goals.


  • Currently, the CareZone app is only available in English, limiting its availability only to users who speak English.

What Customers Are Saying

CareZone users like the app for making it easy to manage their overall healthcare. “To be able to track my meds, as well as other healthcare-related information, has been ridiculously helpful as a person with ADHD,” says one user. “Now I can take accurate information back to my doctors when I need to.”



Care4Today Connect – Best for Activity Tracking


For users who want to combine their medication reminders with other health and wellness reminders and tracking, the Care4Today app is worth considering.

Care4Today makes medication management easy. Users can add their medications from the Care4Today database, developed with the help of leading pharmacies, and set up their reminders as needed. The app will also keep track of medication supplies, and notify users when it is time to order a refill. There is also a tool that lets users add trusted individuals or dependents to their account, making it easier for caregivers to manage medication for their loved ones.

Beyond medication reminders, Care4Today can also help users stay on top of their health and wellness goals with tools for developing exercise plans, tracking activity and diet, and measuring vitals like blood pressure and weight. Users can also rely on Care4Today to help them keep track of doctor’s appointments with the app’s scheduling reminder tool.

Price Rating More Features
Free Apple: 3.5 stars
Google Play: 2.8 stars
-Available in multiple languages
-Refill reminders
-Appointment reminders
-More features at Care4Today

Pros & Cons of Care4Today Medication Reminder App


  • A significant perk of Care4Today is that it offers robust functionality beyond medication reminders. Users can also rely on this app for doctor’s appointment reminders, exercise and activity trackers, measurements of vital statistics, and reports to track their progress.
  • Besides English, the Care4Today app is available in Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, making it an option for a wider audience.
  • Because Care4Today allows users to store all of their important health information in one place, it makes it easier for patients to communicate with their doctors or healthcare providers about medication regimens, symptoms, and overall health.


  • The Care4Today app was first introduced in 2014, but many customer reviews note that a recent update has left the app with some bugs, including multiple unwanted notifications, and issues with marking medications as taken.
  • Detailed information about how medications are added to the app is limited without actually downloading the app, which may be a deterrent to users who want to know upfront whether they must input medication information manually, or if there is an automated option.

What Customers Are Saying

Care4Today users recommend the app to those who need an easy way to keep track of medications. “I’ve used this app for a month now and it has definitely helped me keep track of my meds and appointments,” says one user. Adds another user, “This is, so far, the best medicine reminder app out there!”



MedPlan – Best for Health Education


Taking medications as scheduled is one important way to help improve your health. For users who want to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle, the MedPlan medication reminder app offers additional tools to help educate people about how to make the most of their health.

MedPlan describes its app as a “mobile health companion.” This app, which is currently only available for Android devices, lets users create reminders for taking their medications and for appointments with doctors and healthcare providers. It also features educational resources, like daily health tips, a health news feed, and quizzes, to help users learn more about healthy habits, common conditions, and treatment options.

Users can also keep track of their health history and habits with MedPlan’s health diary feature. The app also includes a tool for monitoring vitals like weight, temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and more.

Price Rating More Features
Free Apple: N/A
Google Play: 4.3 stars
-Appointment reminders
-Health vitals tracker
-Medication use history
-More features at MedPlan

Pros & Cons of MedPlan Medication Reminder App


  • MedPlan offers a lot of functionality, at no cost to users. Users who want a robust health and wellness app, in addition to medication reminders, may want to consider MedPlan.
  • Among medication reminder apps, MedPlan’s health resources are a unique feature. These include a health news feed, to keep users up-to-date on current health-related news from trusted sources; health quizzes, to help users learn more about anatomy, common conditions, and physical and mental health topics; and daily health tips, to encourage users to live healthier lives.
  • MedPlan’s health diary is another unique feature. This gives users a convenient place to track and store their health information, making it easier for patients to communicate their condition and needs when visiting a doctor or healthcare provider.


  • The biggest drawback to MedPlan’s medication reminder app is that it is currently only available on Android platforms. This app is not an option for iOS device users.

What Customers Are Saying

According to MedPlan users, this app has many benefits beyond medication reminders. “[Medplan] is suitable for any health-conscious person, especially those living with chronic diseases,” says one user. “I love the health news feed, and how it keeps me updated. It is a very lovely app.”



GrooveHealth – Best A.I. Tool


GrooveHealth is taking the integration of technology and healthcare to a whole new level, thanks to its A.I.-powered medication assistant, Maxwell. Users can connect with this app feature to get answers to common questions about their medications and receive personalized health tips and encouragement.

This is just one of the many ways that GrooveHealth helps keep users on track with their medications. Users can also set up a daily medication schedule, which includes reminders, important information about drug interactions and recommendations, and a detailed history of all medications a user is prescribed and when they took them. GrooveHealth also allows users to add supplements to their daily regimen.

Another unique feature of GrooveHealth is progress sharing. Users can add family, friends, or other loved ones to their account to keep people informed about their health, and get an extra sense of accountability and support when undergoing a treatment.

Price Rating More Features
Free Apple: 4.7 stars
Google Play: 4.5 stars
-Drug interaction alerts
-Medication history
-Progress sharing
-More features at Groove Health

Pros & Cons of Groove Health Medication Reminder App


  • The most unique feature of the Groove Health medication reminder app is its A.I.-powered chatbot, Maxwell, which is available to users to answer questions and provide personalized health tips.
  • Groove Health will send medication reminders to users even if their devices are not connected to a cellular network or WiFi, meaning users can still rely on the app if their phone is in Airplane Mode, or out of range of cell service.
  • Thanks to Groove Health’s detailed medication history, users can have all the information about their medications and adherence to their schedule in one convenient place.


  • The main con of Groove Health is that there is no way to scan or upload medications to the app. Users can only add medications and supplements individually by searching through Groove Health’s database, or adding them manually.
  • Currently Groove Health is only available in English, limiting its audience.

What Customers Are Saying

Users praise the Groove Health app for it’s robust features. “What a powerful tool!” says one user. “Helps you create and stick to a routine for your medications, and other features include drug info, alerts, and possible interactions between drugs added to your profile. Good stuff, Groove Health! Keep it coming!”

IV. What You Need to Know About Medication Reminder Apps

Depending on an individual’s specific medication regimen, a specialized reminder app may not be necessary. Clocks and alarms are standard smartphone features, and people who have very basic prescription needs may find that a recurring alarm is sufficient to help keep them on track.

On the flip side, for individuals who have very complicated medication schedules, and may be experiencing cognitive issues, a medication reminder app can only help so much. In these cases, individuals should seek out medication reminder apps that allow others, like a loved one or caregiver, to also track whether medications are being taken correctly, as an extra safety precaution.

Despite the simplistic name, many medication reminder apps can do so much more than just help users remember to take their prescriptions on time. Robust apps can help users order medication refills, provide warnings about drug interactions, store and share medical information with doctors, and more. When choosing a medication reminder app, it’s worthwhile to consider all of the different features that might be useful to help you maintain and optimize your health.

V. Latest News

As an increasing number of users rely on medication reminder apps to help them manage their prescriptions and healthcare, pros and cons of these technologies continue to emerge.

  • Evidence-based research shows that heart patients who used a medication reminder app were better at adhering to their medication schedule than those who do not use such apps.
  • Amazon recently got into the medication management game, launching an Alexa feature that allows customers to set up medication reminders and request voice refills using their prescription information at select pharmacies in the Midwest and Northeast.
  • In July 2020, a team of ethical hackers uncovered a flaw in the SETtracker caregiver app, which would enable bad actors to send multiple medication reminders to vulnerable users with Alzheimer’s disease. The security flaw has since been patched.

VI. Sources